Monday, May 26, 2014

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

During a moment of weakness we thought we'd dash up to the corner and get some frozen yogurt.  I remembered ice cream was on sale at the grocery store near us so we dashed up there instead.  We were able to get two cartons of ice cream for the price of what three individual cups of frozen yogurt would have been.  I used funds from our dining out and entertainment budget to pay for the ice cream.  Much better deal and sweet tooth satisfied.

I picked up bread and bananas from the markdown bin at the corner market.  When I got home I discovered one loaf was past its prime.  The next day on the way home I stopped back in at the market and they happily swapped it out for me.

We managed to use the heater very little last week, only turning it on to take the chill off a couple of mornings.  It has still been rather cool and wet around here but the weatherman has promised some warmer temperatures soon.

I bought cardstock and envelopes online for half the price of what I could find here locally.  I also got free shipping.

Thursday was extra wonderful as both girls had their music concerts scheduled that day.  My youngest one's concert was in the afternoon and they did a wonderful job.  My oldest daughter's was an outdoor concert on the grass in front of the school.  We were treated to not only the band but the orchestra and choir as well.  They did a phenomenal job.  I was very proud of my girls. 

Friday evening was anything but thrifty because we attended a meeting at my oldest daughter's school about the trip to Europe next spring.  She is hoping to raise money to put toward this trip with fundraisers and yard sales.  I hope she is successful because the cost of this trip is easily going to run $4000.  I'll post more about this later on.

I refilled my smaller laundry detergent bottle from the HUGE container my friend gave me.  The soap was so thick I filled the bottle 3/4 of the way and filled it the rest with water.  It is still pretty soapy stuff and I'll need to use even less than I thought with my next loads.  I also refilled my fabric softener bottle.  The smaller bottles store better in the RV.

On Saturday we re-organized the chest freezer.  For anyone who owns a chest freezer they know this is a constant chore as they easily can become un-organized.  I try to keep it somewhat tidy by using various plastic bins to keep stuff in rather than just tossing it all in there.

After the freezer was done I went ahead and did the refrigerator too.  The pantry is in really good shape so I didn't have to do anything with it.  Now I know what all I have and what I don't.  Our meat supply is beginning to dwindle so I'll need to work on building it back up in the next couple of months.

We watched two episodes of one of our favorite shows on Hulu.  I was able to watch the final two episodes of Suits on Amazon. We completely missed a season of another one of our favorites and thanks to our Amazon Prime subscription we'll be able to get caught up on that one over the summer.

What thrifty things did you do last week?


  1. I cashed in my Bing points for a $5 Amazon gift card. I used my old Bing points I had stored in my Microsoft account (and was about to expire) to download a free Xbox game.

    I received more hand me down baby clothes and a bassinet.

    I was able to buy 3 packages of marked down ground beef. 2 went to the freezer for later use and one for a cookout we were having over the weekend anyways. I stocked up on soda while it was on sale. I used a coupon to get $1 off a case of baby wipes. I bought the largest (and cheapest per wipe) and it also came with a free case.

    I avoided having the tv on when I wasn't watching it. I like the background noise, but if I'm on the computer, I'm not really watching it. And I can always play a show or music on the computer when I'm on it. I usually use it for noise to fall asleep to at night, but I've been keeping it off lately and I'm usually so tired I fall right asleep anyways.

    I borrowed some free books on my Kindle from the library. Cheaper (and easier) than using gas to drive there.

    1. You did fantastic! I'm really impressed with all the freebies you got. Good job getting the meat too.


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