Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How We Watch TV - An Update

TV shelf in the RV 
When we lived in our house we had a basic subscription for satellite TV service on two televisions.  It was our big splurge and cost us nearly $60 a month.  When we got ready to move I sold our TVs, a VCR/DVD combo player and all the paraphernalia that goes along with that.  We even sold all of our gaming consoles left behind by my son for his sisters.  They never used them.

At first we'd watch an occasional program or movie on my laptop but eventually I set up my computer and the larger LED monitor in my bedroom which made for much better movie watching.  Not to mention more comfortable as we could sprawl out on the bed, eat popcorn and make a family event of it.

Then, braniac that I am, I figured out how to hook the laptop up to the monitor so we can also watch our online TV programs.  It took me awhile to even think to do this.  Okay, so I'm a little slow.

My daughter has a smaller LED monitor for her computer that was in storage at our old house so I grabbed it one day and set it up on the TV shelf in the corner above the dinette so we can actually watch TV while sitting on the couch.  A TV on the TV shelf.  Go figure!  Only took me eight month so come up with that grand plan.

I make fun but the truth is that watching TV obviously hasn't really been the big priority to us that it used to be.  And while these new "upgrades" are nice we still find ourselves doing other things instead.  We have online TV to thank for that.

We primarily use Hulu and Amazon to watch our programs.  Hulu mostly for current programming and Amazon for things we never got to watch when they were current.  There are also some episodes we stream directly from the network's website on occasion.  Only the Amazon has a membership fee but I am pretty certain it has already paid for itself at least twice just in the free two-day shipping I get on all my orders.

The nice thing is that we watch TV when we want to instead of when a program airs on TV.  We no longer are tied to the TV schedule.  Now our schedule determines when we watch something and I really like it that way.  It's kind of like having a DVR without having to have a DVR.

The best thing is that it doesn't cost us anything extra to watch television.  Just like in the good 'ol days!  Plus we are using equipment we already had so no new purchases needed to be made.  

Love that!


  1. Just the thought of trying to figure out how to connect a laptop to a tv stresses me out :)

    1. It isn't has difficult as it sounds. I am severely technologically challenged. If I can do it, anyone can. :)


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