Monday, November 21, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

It was a quiet week for us with no after school activities of any kind which was a great relief to me.  I was ready for a bit of a break, to be honest.

After a solid week of clearing out the fridge I began the week still clearing things out.  I'm amazed at how much "clutter" had accumulated in our refrigerator and freezer.  Sunday we picked up right where we left off on Saturday and just kept on going.  We cleared out the crisper drawer and used up all kinds of odds and ends including a jar of caramel ice cream topping I warmed up and served with a couple of sliced apples for dessert.

Used up the pepperoni and a dough ball in the freezer

I baked two loaves of bread and a pan of dinner rolls.

I stopped in at Albertson's after work on Tuesday to pick up oranges on sale for 49¢ a pound.  I bought twelve pounds and boy are they good.  I also picked up a few bananas and 8 pieces of fried chicken to supplement what was already at home.  That pretty much carried us through the remainder of the week.

The first part of the week I worked some long hours and accumulated a fair amount of overtime.  I've earmarked it for my debt elimination goal.  That makes it easier to work those hours when I'd rather be at home.  I have another opportunity to work overtime at the end of the month too.

I started watching The Crown on Netflix.  It is a pretty interesting series.  Have any of you been watching it?

I cashed in my credit card rewards points and redeemed them for two gift cards.

I needed a simple little birthday gift for a friend so I popped into Fred Meyer to pick up a plant.  She wanted one for her desk at work.  While I as there I grabbed milk that was on sale and four containers of Cool Whip, also on sale.  Each item, except for the plant, was only 79¢ each.

A serious change in our weather meant I finally had to turn on the main heat on.  Thursday when I got up it was only 59° inside.  I think is the latest we've ever gone before needing to turn it on.

I washed out several Ziploc bags to reuse.

I added a bit of water to rinse out the fabric softener bottle and used that for a load of clothes.  I also did the very same thing to the bottle of detergent and had enough to wash a load of laundry.

We'd like to come in

We finished cleaning out the crisper drawer and the chickens helped us out to use up everything that was in there before it could spoil.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Hi, first time commenting on your blog although I've been reading your posts from time to time. You have had a great frugal week! Love the picture of your cats wanting to come in.

    1. They are my little knotheads. Love them to pieces. So glad you decided to leave a comment. I hope to hear more from you. Take care!

  2. You had a very good week! I like how your chickens help you clean out the fridge- they sure do earn their keep. :) Your pumpkin pie looks so good- I am making one on Wednesday and I don't know if I will be able to wait until Thursday to dig into it- haha.
    I have not watched The Crown on Netflix. Do you like the series? My kiddos are looking forward to the next season of Fuller House in December. We have a binge watching night all planned out! ;)
    This week I am working on clearing out the fridge, knowing that there will be Thanksgiving leftovers to take up the fridge space later on in the week. It's amazing when you start looking around at the things within the confines of the refrigerator walls that you come across that have probably been in there forever but you tend to not notice them after a while. I have, like you, been incorporating what I can into meals that I am making between now and Thursday.
    On a thrifty note, I got some great Thanksgiving grocery deals at the store near my grandmother's nursing home (a place that I never really go to except when they have a good advertised deal or two, then I just stop in that store for those particular items): a (4 lb) bag of sugar 98¢, 2 (5 lb) bags of flour 98¢ each, 2 bags mini marshmallows 48¢ each, a (2 lb) bag of brown sugar and a (2 lb) bag of confec. sugar 98¢ each, 2 (15 oz) cans of pumpkin 48¢ each, containers of whipped topping 48¢ each, 2 (16 oz) bags of frozen corn 48¢ each and a (5 lb) bag of russet potatoes for only 48¢! There were limits on each of the items or else I would have done some serious stocking up. Actually I am thinking of being naughty and going back again tomorrow to get the same deals all over again- lol.
    Wishing you and your loved ones a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! XOXO

    1. Wow! Dawn! You did fantastic with your bargains. 98 cents for sugar and flour?! Yes, I did enjoy The Crown and I'm looking forward to next season. I watched all 10 episodes in one week. My kids are watching Once Upon A Time. I can't get into it, personally, but they seem to really enjoy it. Our fridge is so bare right now and I couldn't be happier. Nuts right?

  3. You did well! Great price on those oranges. :) Your kitties crack me up, our Doofy has been spending less and less time outside on the back porch and more time curled up near the pellet stove. He actually started to attack Jeff's boots that were "in his spot". LOL!

    1. Yeah, Jeff needs to watch where he leaves his boots. Ha, ha. My kitties don't like it when I set things in their napping spots either unless it is me and they can climb in my lap. :)


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