Friday, November 25, 2016

Only One More Month Until Christmas!!!

Holy guacamole folks!  Can you believe this!  Are you ready?!

For the last two months I have felt like I am ready.  Up until then I wasn't so sure.  But the gifts are all bought or made and wrapped.  Meals and holiday baking are planned and a lot of the food has already been shopped for.  I've taken my girls out to shop for each other and grandma will be taking them out one day to finish up.  We have plenty of gift wrap and supplies in the hall closet.

Our annual holiday letter has been written and once I put some finishing touches on it, it will be ready to print off.  Christmas cards are signed and addressed.  I picked up a book of Christmas stamps at the post office just before Halloween while dropping off a package to be mailed.

I don't plan to purchase new lights or ornaments this year as we have plenty of that stuff, I think.  Should we have a bum set of lights, however, I've got some funds set aside to get new ones if we need them.  A few decorations here and there will do nicely.  I would like to get some more candles to have around and an extra bottle of kerosene for the oil lamps.  I'll probably go to Walmart (eek) and get some of that.

We have a couple get-togethers planned.  I'm keeping the menus simple and the goodie list short.  Mostly I want time to spend with my family and friends, visiting, listening to music and really enjoying the holiday and their company.

We have a long weekend this year and I added an extra vacation day to it too.  I'm looking forward to a slow and quiet pace for us to relax and take advantage of the time we have to spend together away from the everyday rat race that we sometimes find ourselves in.

How are your preparations coming along?


  1. Hi there, I just got back from the 99cent store where I bought all the Christmas wrap I'll need. They had some cute retro paper this year!

    1. Nice job! I've bought my paper there before. They have some cute stuff.


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