Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Packaging Up Meat & Cheese For The Freezer

As I've already mentioned, last week I bought twenty pounds of lean ground beef and ten pounds of grated cheese.  Five pounds of mozzarella blend and five pounds of cheddar.  I usually buy my ground beef and cheese this way at Cash & Carry.  I watch their semi monthly ads and when it goes on sale I get down there and stock up.

Since it has been awhile I thought I would share with you how I divide and package up my bulk purchases and store them in the freezer.

For the cheese I sandwich size Ziploc bags and with a sharpie marker I put the type of cheese and the date on each bag.  Then I  use a one cup measuring cup to scoop out two heaping cups of cheese into each bag.  Carefully I squeeze out any extra air as I seal each bag.  I then place the bags of cheese inside a gallon size Ziploc bag.  

To make it easier to identify what is in the bag I cut the label off the bag the cheese came in and slid it inside before squeezing out the air and sealing the gallon size bag closed.  I find this an efficient and thrifty method to store grated cheese in the freezer and ward of freezer burn.

The ground beef is place on a cutting board and sliced into a variety of sizes.  I like 10 oz sizes for recipes and larger ones for taco meat and burger patties.  After everything is cut up I use sandwich size bags for the smaller amounts and quart size for the larger.  I label the bags and slip the ground beef inside.  I also squeeze out extra air as I seal the bags closed and then put the beef inside the big two gallon Ziploc bags and squeeze out extra air as I seal those closed.

I usually buy my bags at the dollar store and I wash and reuse the larger bags.  I always toss the meat and cheese bags as I'm not as crazy about reusing those and they are cheap enough anyway.

That is pretty much all there is to it.  For me this system of double bagging work really well.  Not only does it help ward off freezer burn but it helps me keep everything neatly organized too.


  1. I'd never thought to double bag cheese. I will do that now. I usually buy the block cheese and grate it.

    1. I used to grate my own too, but after comparing the cost of the grated cheese on sale it was less money and saved me a big chore. :)

  2. I freeze my meat & cheese just like you. Good minds think alike ;)


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