Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Look What Cindy Did!

Not too long ago one of my readers contacted me asking if I might be interested in making a trade.  I think bartering is a great deal of fun so I was game.  I had something she was interested in.  A vintage embroidery pattern that I had acquired on eBay.  She offered up this book!

When I got the book I was super excited to dig into it.  What I love, that she has done here, is given some great history about the people that headed west during the gold rush, but also about the quilts they made.

There are also some great quilt patterns in here that I am seriously interested in trying.

Cindy did such a great job putting this book together and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  Now I'm anxious to make a few quilt squares too.

If you love quilting and want to add this unique book to your quilt book collection I think this would be a great one.  Cindy also has a book out on crazy quilts and another one for quilting with handkerchiefs.

I know how much work it takes to not only write a book, but to get it published.  Great job Cindy and thank you so much for sharing this book with me.


  1. I am so honored you mentioned three of my books! Thank you.
    The Brickworks website is down right now for refurbishing, but you can find out more about the books on Amazon, or by e-mailing me personally: cindyjbrick@gmail.com

    1. http://cindybrick.blogspot.com/2016/11/cindy-brick-is-on-air.html

    2. Thanks for adding that information!


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