Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Our Christmas Home

Over the years I have thinned down our Christmas décor to make it much more manageable.  I prefer the look of vintage ornaments and décor so I've only kept the items I like really like and have let the rest go.  A few friends have made or given me ornaments and I have those as well.

A dear friend made these crocheted snowflakes for me

The ornaments I cherish the most are the ones that belonged to my grandparents.  They just don't make ornaments like these anymore, unfortunately.  Last year I picked up a couple ornaments at the Antique Mall and I hope to go there again this year and find a new one to add to my collection.

The girls have hung their stockings on the fireplace.  I decorated the mantle with simply with a Santa I handpainted at a ceramics class I took over twenty years ago.  I always pull my grandmother's pink Fenton bowl out of the cupboard and fill it up with the colorful bulbs from my grandparents old tree lights.

This year my aunt gave me her Christmas candle wreath.  It has a brass plate underneath it.  I took a candle I had purchased on clearance a couple years ago and fit it inside the wreath and placed it in the center of our dining table.

Not a lot of décor, but more than enough to suit me.  I prefer simple and pretty.  I think I managed that quite well this year.


  1. Very pretty 👍 Simple is what appeals to me too.
    And it's so much more sensible and doable.

    1. I think so too. We are certainly enjoying it. :)

  2. Your tree is lovely. I usually go all out with decorating, but this year, I am scaling way back. Need to, for health reasons.

    1. Thank you. For health reasons I too have scaled back on a lot of things in my life. It helps physically and emotionally.


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