Friday, August 14, 2015

Home Improvements For Around $10 Or Less

Are you wanting to do some home improvement projects around the house but you are a little short on cash?  You can still get something done without spending too much.  Here are some ideas:

Fence Repair

Replace a broken fence post by purchasing a pressure treated post or buy some cedar fence boards to replace ones that are missing or damaged.

Bark Mulch

Watch for sales on bark mulch to spruce up flowerbeds.  I often see them on sale 3 bags for $10.

Mini Blinds

Add a blind or replace a worn one in smaller windows.  Measure across from inside to inside of window frame to determine the appropriate size.  If you've never installed one before watch videos on YouTube.


If you can sew consider purchasing fabric or bed sheets to make curtains or a valance.  Curtain panels can also be purchase on sale.  Check for clearance priced items too.

Light Fixtures

Replace missing, damaged or outdated glass light fixture shades.  Use spray paint to update the fixture itself.  Check out thrift stores, Habitat or rehabilitation stores and Craigslist for fixtures as well.  Many people with replace a perfectly good fixture and sell or donate them.

Weather Stripping

Replace worn, damaged or missing weather stripping on your exterior doors.  Keeping doors properly insulated along their edges keeps weather and moisture out and saves on heating and cooling expenses as well.

I'll come up with some more to share.  After all, as a homeowner, there is always something that needs to be done around my house.


  1. I like to use mulch in my garden and around the tree in the front yard. While digging around in the back yard, I found about 50 bricks. I wasn't sure what I should do with them but then I thought about placing them in a circle pattern around the base of the tree in the front yard. Once I completed the circle, I stepped back and checked to make sure it was some what "circular ". Then I filled the area in with three bags of mulch. It looks polished and pretty in my front yard now and all it cost was about $10.00 !!!!
    Thanks again for sharing your ideas. I always appreciate and learn from them.
    Vanessa B

    1. Great way to recycle those bricks and add some curb appeal. Finishing it off with mulch was the perfect touch. Sounds lovely. Good going lady! :)

  2. I love this post! Great ideas for just a little money. Helpful and inspiring. Thanks.

    1. Thanks. Now I just need to get busy and do some of these. :)


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