Monday, August 17, 2015

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I made a double batch of my homemade salad dressing mix.  Then I mixed up a pint of homemade creamy Italian salad dressing, a pint of 1000 Island dressing and a half pint of Buffalo Ranch dressing.  My little one loves the spicy stuff.

We "baked" our Sunday dinner in our slow cooker.  We put a meatloaf inside and then added some scrubbed potatoes.  It was a great way to cook our dinner without heating up our kitchen.

I printed off 11 grocery coupons from

Monday, after work, I grouped my errands to save time and gas.  After filling my tank at the gas station I headed next door to use 2 of my new coupons I'd printed at Walgreens and picked up two bottles of laundry detergent and a bottle of dish soap on sale.  Final price was $2.00 for the detergent and 74¢ for the dish soap!  Then to the feed store for chicken food and the post office to drop off a package before heading home.  Took me less than 30 minutes.  Whooo hooo!

I cleaned out the refrigerator and made a delicious soup for our supper one night.  I served it with a big garden salad with tomatoes from the garden.  We enjoyed the leftovers for lunch twice last week.

I received my box of sewing goodies I bid on and won from eBay.  It was so good I'll be sharing a post about it tomorrow.

On Saturday I took the girls out to lunch at a new restaurant called PizzaPieCafe.  They have pizza, pasta and salad bars.  My youngest had been given a free meal coupon at the end of the school year so we decided to try it out.  It was delicious, we loved the atmosphere and the price was more than reasonable.  I especially enjoyed the salad bar.  We'll be going back, I'm sure.

I composted egg shells and coffee grounds.  We harvested jalapenos, tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden.

All of the girls are now laying.  Hurray!  Our chickens blessed us with 19 eggs last week.

How thrifty were you last week?


  1. Good chickens!

    I was given free decorations and invitations for my son's birthday, my mom got 40 pieces of clothing for him for $2 at a yard sale, I took half the pepperoni off a frozen pizza and put away to use on a homemade one (for the husband a half as I don't really care for pepperoni), hung laundry out to dry,

    1. A birthday already!?! You did great Jess! Your mom sure got a good deal on the kid's clothing. That is a lot for 2 bucks!

    2. A year next week. Don't know how that happened :-(

    3. I know. It goes by way too fast! My babies will be 12 & 15 in Nov. (sigh)

  2. Love that fabric... thank you for sharing those recipe.. Found your blog through Jess -Mama of Little Wolf.

    1. Awesome! I will be checking out your blog as well. Thanks for the link and welcome!


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