Thursday, August 6, 2015

Latest Update To The Sewing Room

The last of the plastic furniture is gone!  Whooo hoooooooo!

I was thrilled to see that ShopKo had the set of storage drawers on sale for half price as part of their back-to-school sale.  They always have wonderful sales on stuff for college students to set up their dorm rooms and these drawers were a part of that sale.  I headed off right after work and picked them up.


They are perfect and I love them.  And they are not plastic.  And they look really nice.  And did I mention they are not plastic?


After assembling the frame with my youngest, who happens to be a fantastic helper, we went in my room and filled up the drawers.  I got all of my trims, threads and notions organized and put away.  The old drawers will now be part of a yard sale or go on Craigslist

My sewing area is officially complete and I couldn't be happier.  I'm sure this will help me be so much more productive too.


  1. SWEET !!!!
    What a treat to have such a pretty, dedicated and well organized sewing space. Pardon me while I lust for a minute....
    Alas, my sewing area is tucked into the corner of the basement between color coordinated plastic bins, the washer and dryer and the litter box. Since the basement is the only non-living area where Little One can ride her tricycle safely, I gladly lend her the space.
    My sewing/craft area is on my list of projects to complete in the next two -three years. The time will hopefully give me an opportunity to design a functional space for both our needs.
    Thanks again for sharing your cute sewing area.
    Vanessa B

    1. Oh my gosh, I'm in heaven. I find myself more productive and enjoying myself a that much more. So happy I included this space in the budget. :)

  2. Nice, not plastic. Really trying to rid myself of some that stuff.

    1. Now that it is complete I will have to make sure I don't try and outgrow the space by acquiring too much. That can happen and I really don't want it too.

  3. Love those shelves.. So nice.. Know you will enjoy your sewing room.

    1. It has been a slice of heaven. I really do love it!!


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