Thursday, August 20, 2015

KIS - Get Moving

Another great way to enhance a healthy lifestyle it to simply move more.  Even if you don't care to exercise there are plenty of ways to do this without really feeling like you are doing a whole lot.  But the reality is the more we move the better off we are.

Here are some great ways to get moving:

When shopping park as far away from the entrance as possible.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Rake the yard.
Trade in your power mower for a reel mower.
Go for a walk in your neighborhood.
Play Wii sports or a dancing game.
Vacuum your entire house at one time.
Go swimming.
Visit parks, museums, events, etc.
Play with your kids or grandkids.
Walk the dog.
Go dancing.
Turn off the TV and go outside.
Consider walking places instead of using the car.
Go for a bike ride.

Get moving and you will find you feel better and more than like will sleep better.  Plus you'll have some fun doing it too.


  1. We have been getting LOTS of exercise. [not sure, it was really]. We are re-doing an old house.. and we have been painting, and going up and down the ladder..whew..lots of moving..
    Have a great day..

    1. That is a lot of hard work. Bet your thighs are really feeling it. I hate to paint. I'll do it but I don't enjoy it. Cheers!


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