Thursday, August 27, 2015

KIS - Have Some Down Time

The need for down time is crucial.  Just like our bodies need rest so do our minds.  Down time refreshes the mind and spirit.

Quite often we do not take the time to power down and replenish ourselves.  We are busy and have a lot to do every day.  As a result we tend to push ourselves further than we should by skimping on sleep and attempting to fill all of our waking hours with tasks and responsibilities.

Work and additional part-time jobs, schooling, sports and other activities, chores and other responsibilities can easily fill our days from morning until night.  The thought that we need to stop and take a break from all of this may seem unthinkable.  Even lazy or a waste of time.  But if you don't you set yourself up for burnout.

It is easier to simply take a time out than one might think.  Even if you have to actually write it into your schedule take a moment out of your day.  Meditate, go for a walk, soak in a bubble bath, watch the sun go down or simply sit for awhile and be still.  Clearing our minds and just breathing can do a lot to recharge us and make us feel better emotionally.

Down time will help us to be better parents, friends, employees and co-workers.  It will also make us better people.

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