Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vintage Sewing Finds

I bid on this box of vintage sewing goodies and won it for the starting bid of $17.99.  The seller also offered free shipping.  While considering whether or not to bid on this item I happened to be in JoAnn's looking at fabric.  I needed new needles for my sewing machine but after seeing what the price was I realized that it might be worth trying to get this box of sewing supplies after all.  They were including four packages of sewing needles among a slew of other wonderful things.

It arrived on Wednesday of last week and I have to say I was in heaven!!!!

I love stuff like this.  To me it's like finding treasure.

Look at this pile of zippers in all the nice colors and a good variety of sizes.

Sewing machine needles and elastic in widths I didn't have.  Yaaay.

Tons of buttons.

Love these football buttons.

Cute bumble bee and patriotic buttons, plus hearts too.

Lady bugs and super cute gingham.

Loads of assorted vintage buttons.

A nice assortment of variegated embroidery flosses.  Brand new.

A handful of assorted jewelry findings.  My oldest was thrilled to get these as she loves to make jewelry.

I was able to add a new button jar to my collection.  This pint jar is completely full and I used a lid I saved from a jar of Hersey's chocolate spread.  It was a perfect fit.

I think I'll definitely get a lot of use out of all this wonderful stuff.


  1. What a great haul. With everything you got, you sure can't beat the price.
    Paula in Kansas

    1. Thanks! And it is all stuff I'll probably use too.

  2. Nice find and you definitely got your money's worth.

  3. Great find.. Know you enjoyed opening this package.
    Have fun sewing.


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