Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dressing Up Some Clothes Hangers

Hangers were $1.69 each for 10 at Fred Meyer

This is a fun and quick little project to spruce up the hangers in your closet or to make as a gift to give to someone.  I have wanted to make some of these covered clothes hangers for eons, but it is one of those projects I kept pushing off for later.  Well, later finally arrived.

Dress form fabric 2 1/4 yards $3.60 on clearance
Turquoise fabric 2 yards for $4.80 on sale
Gray fabric 2 yards for $4.80 on sale

I found the most perfect fabric on the clearance aisle at the fabric store.  Dress forms!  I also found some pretty coordinating fabrics to go with them since there wasn’t enough clearance fabric on the bolt.  Because I had a 75% OFF coupon for these other two fabrics it made it a very affordable project.

It takes about 2 1/3 yards of fabric to make enough covers for a 10 pack of tube hangers.  Plus any trim you want to use.  I happen to have a HUGE stash of trims I'm trying to use up so I dug into that. 

Adding an extra 1/2" to your tracing compensates
for the thickness of the hanger and the 1/4" seam allowance

I always seem to have helpers

I started out by taping together two pieces of scrap paper end to end and tracing the hanger onto it.  With my hem gauge I marked off an extra 1/2 inch and used a ruler to draw a line.  I free handed around the curve and then straight down to the edge of the paper to add a little bit of length and a hem.  Then I drew a lined straight across at the neck of the hanger.  Once it was cut out I was ready to go.

Another helper.  Ahem.

Excuuuuse me!

Not so much help.  Little brat!

I cut out my first piece.  With right sides together I stitched along the edge making a 1/4 inch seam from the flat end at the top down to the bottom on both sides, leaving the top and bottom open.  Then I turned it right side out and pressed it flat.

Turning under the hem a 1/4 inch and the top opening as well I stitched some trim along the hem.  You can stitch, hand stitch or use fusible hem tape along the top opening if you wish.  I inserted the hanger and it was a perfect fit.

Black jumbo ric rac and a little pink were used with the dress form fabric and I added a little bow to the top in the front of each one.  Since I had purchased thirty brand new hangers I had a bit of a job ahead of me but it went incredibly fast.

I cut everything out, then did all the stitching of the side seams.  After that I pressed all of the covers and turned up the hems.  Next I added all the trim to each hem.  Then I inserted all of the hangers.  Once that was done I made little bows and tacked them into place.

Trimmed with vintage jumbo ric rac and tiny little bows

I absolutely love how nicely these turned out and the whimsical fabrics couldn't have been more perfect.  I have seen much fancier and more elaborate versions of these (if you've spent any time on Pinterest you know exactly what I mean) but for me this simple little cover is exactly what I was after.  I am just thrilled.

Do you think you would make any of these?


  1. Absolutely adorable.. Love the dress form fabric.. Just too cute. The other ones are just as cute too.
    Know this was a fun project.. I may make some too.. thanks for the tutorial.

  2. I have seen these at craft fairs and one variation is to put a zipper or velcro closure so that someone can use the hangers and also hide valuables like money in them. They were selling them and saying they would be good for dorm rooms or just as a good hiding place.

    1. That is pretty clever! Thanks for sharing that.

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