Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Uber Thrifty Month In Review - June

I began the month with $16 extra dollars left and my first paycheck had 6 hours of overtime on it.  I used some of my overtime earnings to pay off my JC Penney bill from our little shopping trip last month.  No interest had accumulated, which is always my goal when I use that card.

All the monthly bills were paid ahead of their due dates.  Our mortgage was paid over two weeks ahead.  I made a good sized payment toward my debt elimination goal.  I made my regular contribution to my retirement account and I also added some more to my savings account.

At the beginning of the month I spent $75 to round out the girl's summer wardrobes as well as purchasing a few things for them to wear to school in the fall.  All of the things we bought were on clearance or on sale.  I was super excited to find four pair of blue jeans and pay only $5.99 each.  I also spent $25 for two laundry hampers for their bedrooms.  They too  were on clearance.  Wire frames and heavy duty woven fabric instead of wicker or straw.  I think they will really hold up nicely.

After that shopping trip, I worked to keep the spending to a minimum.  I still needed to renew my oldest's cell phone service and get the plates renewed on our truck.  I went over a bit on our grocery budget, but the rest of my overtime pay covered it perfectly.

The best news was that I got a sizeable raise in pay that I was totally not expecting.  I went back and crunched the numbers and this will have quite an impact on our financial future and my retirement plans.  What a blessing!

So with June under my belt I am ready to see how thrifty I can be in July.  I'm feeling pretty optimistic.


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