Monday, July 18, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

We enjoyed a rather quiet and low-key week at our house.  As a result I was able to make some serious progress on a huge project I've been working on.  I'll be sharing that with all of you once it is completed.

I cooked all of our meals from our well stocked freezers and pantry.  We had plenty of leftovers to keep us in lunches all week as well.

I did not grocery shop this week, or do any other shopping for that matter.

We used up every last bit of shampoo in the bottle before tossing it into the recycle bin.

We enjoyed Family Movie Nite and watched DVDs from our collection.  My oldest made brownies from a mix we had in the pantry.  I made for a very nice evening.

The chickens gave us two dozen eggs this week and in turn we gave them plenty of kitchen scraps to enjoy.  The girls gathered up the apples that had fallen from the tree and gave those to the ladies as well.  They were in heaven.

The oldest passed down her school uniforms to her sister as she no longer needs them.  Three of the polo shirts are in really good condition but faded.  I had ordered a bottle of Rit dye from Amazon last month ($4) so on Saturday morning the youngest and I dyed all three of them and they look brand new!  These shirts retail for $14.99 each so in essence we saved $41 over replacing them.  I'd much rather recycle them anyway.  We are rather pleased with ourselves.

When we finished the shirts I dyed two of my faded dish towels with the leftover dye.  Why not since we had it? J  They look great as well.  Just like new.

My neighbor had a yard sale and I bought this cute little nightstand for $10.  It is really solid and sturdy but it has way too many coats of paint on it.  I plan to sand it down and repaint it.  I also plan to change out the knob.  I'm super excited.  Another sweet little item for my retirement house.

Remember the set of lace curtains I got last week at a yard sale for $2?  After running them through the washer and dryer I loosely folded and hung them on a hanger in the laundry room.  I left them there all week as I wanted to make sure they were completely dry with no trace of moisture that would cause them to mold.  On Saturday I pulled out from my stash a vinyl zippered case a set of sheets had come in and after folding up the curtains it was the perfect size to store them in.  I feel comfortable keeping them in there now all protected from dust and such after they hung all week.

I made a nice pot of navy been soup using the ham and ham broth from a big hambone I cooked up and defatted last month.  It made a delicious soup and there was plenty to put away in the freezer to enjoy later.

I finished the eyelet doily I had cut out last month.  Then I finished the embellished crazy quilt throw pillow I started a couple of months ago.  I can't wait to share that pillow with all of you in an upcoming post.

I had a scrap of muslin in my stash of leftovers so I hemmed the edges with a decorative stitch.  Now I have a new super soft and lint-free eyeglass cleaning cloth. J

How was your thrifty week?


  1. made a zucchini cake & froze 3, 2c bags
    had 2 meals of gr beans from my little garden plus a handful of tomatoes-now & then..
    washed out a lot of zip loc bags
    made my own bug spray for my garden..
    continously making pops for my grands with or juice & lemonade, 92c molds from Walmart...
    have a happy week!

    1. Wow! Good for you! Sounds like a terrific week to me. :)

  2. You did really well! I love that you redyed the shirts and the dishcloths. I need to do this to some jeans of mine and my husband's. I blogged about my savings on my blog.

    1. I will check that out! I think dyeing jeans is a great idea.

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