Monday, July 11, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I was able to sew all weekend watch was pure delight for me.  I made 30 covered hangers (a post about these tomorrow), a set of pretty pillowcases and worked on my scrap quilt.  I was in heaven!

On the 4th of July I made a Strawberry Dream Pie to take to a barbeque.  I had everything I needed in my pantry and sliced strawberries in the freezer.  Went together quick too.  Do you remember that dessert from the seventies?

Two more pillowcases completed
Love the eyelet trim on these!

After all of the sewing I've been doing it was time to go through all of my trims and laces and see what all I still have.  I used two plastic bins I had out in the garage to re-organized everything and got rid of three plastic Ziploc bags I had been storing these things in.  It will be much easier to access my trims now.

I bought a cotton quilt batting for the scrap quilt at JoAnns for 50% OFF making it only $14.99.

I trimmed my bangs.

My daughter gave me a pedicure with red polish! J

I fixed a tear in my zippered yarn storage bag with a piece of clear packing tape.

I bartered with a friend and traded her eggs for Christmas ribbon.  She had some she no longer wanted and I had run out so it worked well for both of us.

I enjoyed a night out with two of my girlfriends Tuesday.  We grabbed dinner at a nice little pub and then went to see Tarzan.  The theatre only charges $5 on Tuesday so we always like to take advantage of that.  And in case you were wondering, I liked the movie very much.

On the way to a friend's house I dropped off the water bill in the utility drop box and saved a stamp.

I used scrap paper to print off some more coupons for the fabric store.

I picked up these pretty towels at Walmart for $15
for the retirement house

A friend gave me a big stack of assorted colored paper.

I took these straight home washed them.
They are in beautiful condition

My daughter sold her old bike at a friend's yard sale.  At that same yard sale I found a really nice set of lace curtains for $2 and this cute dish for $1.

Another friend gave me basil from her garden.  I will be making up some pesto!

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Hi Thrifty Mom in Boise! I've been a lurker for awhile, but I wanted to share a link ( with you in case any of this lovely local lady's crafty/vintage items were of interest and in your price range. Right now, if you spend over $50, you get an extra 20% with this code: 20over50, plus she is saying she'll throw in a free gift as well! If nothing else, at least it'll be fun to check out her sale. :)

  2. I found hamburger at the local supermarket for 1.00 per pound. I bought lots of it for the freezer! It is good!


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