Monday, July 25, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday I used some of the scraps leftover from making all of those Covered Clothes Hangers to make a peg bag or clothes pin bag, whichever you prefer.  I've wanted to make one for quite awhile and now I finally have.  I think it turned out stinking cute and all out of scraps.  Whoo hoooo!

Sunday morning I decided to make a quick stop into a thrift store on my way to somewhere else.  I found a couple candles and a candleholder but this little oval frame really caught my interest.  I've had this picture of my great grandpa sitting on my desk for the last three years until I could find the perfect frame.  This one definitely fit the bill.  

One of these days I should share the story about this fine looking gentleman with all of you.  He died relatively young (he was my age), but he led quite an extraordinary life.

I checked online for coupons and found six to print off onto scrap paper.

I found two vintage nightgown patterns from the 1950s on eBay so I ordered them.  I've decided I want to try sewing for myself again, something I haven't done in decades.  I thought nightgowns might be a good place to start.  One of the patterns also includes a robe.  The other one a bed jacket, so sweet.  I was really impressed with how they arrived.  The woman I bought them from had made plastic sleeves to put them in and protect them.  Very thoughtful, I think.

I purchased three months of cell phone service for $29.99, which equates to $10 a month.  You can't get much better than that! J

A friend had given me a nice bunch of basil from her garden the week before.  The girls and I made our very first batch of pesto with it.  Mmmmmm.

From Amazon I ordered a case of Science Diet canned cat food for old man kitty which was much less than purchasing it locally.  At check out I was offered a 25% OFF coupon which took off an additional $5!  While I was at it I also ordered my youngest a pair of uniform pants for school and a Christmas gift for my oldest.

The youngest and I went shoe shopping as it couldn’t be put off any longer.  We found her a pair of sneakers for school and a pair of dress shoes for orchestra.  Both pairs were on clearance for a total of $45.  I was pretty happy about that!

My boss offered me a few hours of overtime this week.  I happily accepted.  He must have thanked me a bajillion times for helping him out of a pinch.  I looked at it as a wonderful opportunity to have more money for my debt elimination goal.  J

It was very hot last week so I got up each morning and opened the windows and set the fan at the back door to bring in the cool fresh air.  It helped a lot to keep the house nice most of the day so we only need the A/C in the late afternoon and evening.  I also did my lawn watering at this time.

From this...

Our neighbors are renovating an old motor home.  They have  been working so hard on repairs, painting, putting in new faucets and a new hot water heater plus caulking the entire thing so seal it up and keep out the rain.  I've really enjoyed watching their progress.  So when they asked me if I would help them out with a little sewing I was thrilled.  I am now on curtain and cushion duty. this!  Much better!
It is a really pretty deep green.

I went with them when they bought the fabric and on Saturday I got started.  I recovered two of the four cushions that go to the dinette.  I love the fabric they picked and lucky them I had zippers in my stash that they get because I had no plans at all for them.  I'm hoping they will let me share their little home away from home later in a post.

I washed out several Ziploc bags to reuse.

My credit union sent me some free return address labels.  Very nice.

I sold a dozen eggs to a co-worker.  We fed our kitchen scraps to the hens.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Your "Last Week's Thrifty Moves" posts are so enjoyable to me. Thank you for sharing them.
    - Molly

    1. Molly that is really good to hear. I'm so glad you like them. :)

  2. I like these posts too! I sometimes forget about the little things like the free address return labels that I get in the mail... I never thought of that as being thrifty but I guess in a way it is!

    The cushion covers you're making for your neighbors are nice, I sewed all new covers and curtains for my trailer when we redid it too!


    1. Thanks Tania! I love your little trailer. You all did such a great job on it. Lots of work, but lots of fun too, I'm sure.

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