Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Only Five More Months Until Christmas

Holy cannoli!  Remember when I mentioned we had Only SixMore Months Until Christmas?  Well that was an entire month ago.  Can you believe that?

Yeah.  That went by incredibly fast.  So how much did I get done in the month that just flew on by?  Not a lot.

I ordered one gift from Amazon for my oldest.  And I traded a friend of mine a couple dozen eggs for some extra Christmas ribbon she had and was planning to put in her yard sale.  

That's it.

So in the next month I need to get at least three more gifts either made or purchased.  That will get me caught up so I don't have a mild panic attack once school starts back up and I realize I'm running out of time to get things done.

I have my grandma's set just like this

How about you?  Have you done any Christmas planning, shopping or preparations lately?  When do you get the ball rolling?


  1. My ball starts rolling Dec 26th! I am well on my way and have at least 1 present for every single person on my list. Multiples for most!

    1. I marvel in your greatness!

      I thought I was doing really well by getting a gift bought back in Jan. Ha, ha! I have quite a ways to go yet. :)

  2. OH my... 5 months....
    No, I have done nothing, but I am going to attempt to get started this month..

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