Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Taco Salads - Restaurant Style!

You know those crispy tortilla bowls they serve taco salads in at restaurants.  Well, you can easily make your own and have a delicious taco salad meal for the whole family at home for about the same cost of just one of those salads at the restaurant.

First you need the bowls!

Grab an empty 28 oz peach or tomato can.  Peel off the label and wash it real well.  Make sure there isn’t any sticky adhesive from the label still on the can.  Then grab your old fashioned bottle opener, you know, the one with the pointy end.

Punch four holes in the bottom

Then along the sides and in between the holes
in the bottom punch four more holes

Should look like this when you are done

Set up your frying station

I like to use a baking sheet and rack along with a heavy pot for the oil

Tortillas, vegetable oil, the can on a plate
to catch drips and tongs

Now heat your oil and it is time to get frying

Place the tortilla in the pan and use the tongs
to push the can down onto it in the center

I'm not sure exactly how hot it is, but to test it you can tear off a little piece of tortilla and it should sizzle and crisp up right away.

See how the side come up around the bottom of the can to form a bowl

When the sides are golden brown use the tongs to carefully remove the can, tipping it to let the oil run out into the pan. Then set it on the plate.  Remember the can is HOT.

Then turn the tortilla bowl over and let the inside brown and crisp.

The only thing left to do is fill them with shredded lettuce, a little browned ground beef and all your favorite toppings.  Enjoy!


  1. You are a genius! I would have never thought about using a can like that to make homemade taco shell bowls!

    1. It works really well! My kids think these shells are so cool.

  2. What a fantastic idea.. Gotta try it. Thanks for sharing. My grandkids will love these


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