Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

We have just completed the 26th week of 2016 signaling our year is officially half way through.  I can't even believe it!  Am I the only one who things time is flying by really fast?

Sunday morning I put a big hambone (one of two in my freezer) into my slow cooker with water all day to cook and make stock.  Once it cooled I put it in a large bowl and set it in the refrigerator overnight to allow the fat to rise to the top and solidify.  In the morning I removed the fat layer, divided the stock into two containers and put them in the freezer.  I'll use it for soup.

The youngest and I jumped in the truck and went to the feed store to pick up a bag of lay pellets for the hens.  Even after I paid for their feed those ladies still have money left in their coffers from all the eggs we have sold.  I am so proud of my chickies.  Our goal is for them to have enough saved up by September to stock them up for the entire winter.  I don't think we'll have too much problem. J

The hens enjoying a nice dust bath

I found 9 online grocery coupons and printed them off onto scrap paper.  I also received more Fred Meyer coupons in the mail.

I sold two dozen eggs to another co-worker.  Now that our stockpile has depleted we will need to restock.  I'm thinking about putting some up in the freezer this year to hold us when the ladies molt and their egg laying drops off.

I bottled another batch of homebrew.  That should hold us for a little while.

Super slug came to visit me while I was watering. 

We had some HOT days last week.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday hovered at 100°.  Thursday cooled to 96ish.  We used the A/C on those days from noon on.  Friday morning it was much cooler outside so I threw open all the windows and set the box fan at the back door.  It was lovely to bring in all that cool fresh air.

Yellow calico to finish my scrap quilt top.  Muslin and interfacing too.

Thursday I hit a big sale at JoAnns after work to get some things on my sewing list.  Muslin at 30% OFF, a piece of calico at 40% OFF and interfacing 40% OFF.  I bought a total of ten yards of muslin and I'm pretty sure I now own a ten year supply of interfacing - ha, ha.  I also picked up a pair of Fiskars sewing scissors on sale for $13.99 for my vintage sewing box.  AND I had a coupon good for an additional 20% OFF my entire purchase.  Whoo hoooo!

I was out of these colors.  4 for 99¢ plus 20% OFF!

Vintage style aprons. $1.99 each plus 20% OFF

Vintage style baby clothes - $1.99 each plus 20% OFF

A friend gave me her 20% OFF coupon plus a bunch of others so on Saturday morning I headed back over and picked up some more fabric for several projects I have on my list.  I used a 40%OFF coupon to pick up a box of pins for my vintage sewing box.  Some of their quilt fabrics were 75% OFF with a coupon plus the 20%OFF.  Their clearance fabrics were also an additional 50% OFF plus the 20%.  I picked up four patterns for $1.99 plus the 20% OFF.  Holy cow!

How cute are these?!  I have the perfect project in mind

Now I have some serious work to do. J

How was your thrifty week?


  1. I proudly wore my $1 tshirt to a bbq yesterday. Bought it @ the SA $1 sale (few & far between now). I was commented on how nice my shirt was... :) Made an apple dump cake from my $Store apple pie filling to take to the bbq. It was a winner.
    Happy 4th of July to you too.

    1. Good job on the great shirt buy! I bet that cake was wonderful. Our 4th was wonderful, spent with family. We had a nice BBQ and some fireworks.

  2. What a fantastic Joann sale you found..How fun.
    Love those fabrics ..so cute... Wondering what you will make with them..
    Cute patterns too.

    1. I had so much fun sewing this past weekend. I will be sure to share my projects. :)


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