Tuesday, September 27, 2016

About A Picnic Basket - Part III

On our last visit together, a four day Thanksgiving weekend, my grandmother and I talked about a ton of things, which was nothing unusual for us.  We could talk up a storm with little trouble.

One of the things we talked, and laughed about, was the fact that she hated to sew, absolutely hated it.  Along that path we also talked about how she never learned to crochet or knit and hated to embroider, despite her mother's best efforts.  She insisted that gene had leap frogged right over her and been passed on to me, however.

I am not this talented at all.

She even said she was relieved to have boys so she wasn't obligated to teach them any of that stuff, because it wouldn't have happened.

We had quite the discussion about my great-grandmothers many talents.  She sewed beautifully, embroidered, crocheted and knitted.  She could even tat.

In the picnic basket I found quite the collection of doilies and dresser scarves all tightly packed together. 

I shared quite a lot of them with my nieces but I also kept several for myself.  They are so sweet and quite lovely.  I just recently washed and pressed them and I plan to use them in my next home when I decorate.

Adding warmth and a touch of nostalgia will be quite nice, I think.

How sweet are these?!

Also inside the basket were several hankies trimmed in great-grandma's handmade crocheted lace.  Love these!

I wish they still made hankies like this.

Love the pretty edges on this one.  So dainty.

And a few darling printed ones I added to the basket when I cleaned out my grandmothers bureau drawers.  I remember her using these and thinking they were so pretty.  Now they are rather warn, but still quite lovely.

A darling crocheted pin cushion was tucked inside too.  It is a larger one for sticking hat pins into.  I don't think it was ever used.  Super, super cute!  I can envision it sitting on top of a dresser in the guest room.


  1. I love the posts about the picnic basket. So sweet and filled with memories!

  2. I love the hankies and doilies. They remind me of when I went to Bruges, Belgium and watched women making doilies similar to your grandmothers. They are so intricate and lovely.

    What wonderful keepsakes from your grandmother.


  3. How special! I have my great grandmother's bed cover that she crocheted. Apparently she was quite the talented lady when it came to sewing and crocheting. My grandmother crocheted also and I have a shawl and a afghan she made. My mother is amazing at sewing and quilting and she also is good at knitting. Guess she is the end of the line when it comes to those kinds of things because to be perfectly honest, I'm not good at any of them! LOL!

    1. I'm certainly not as good as my grandparents either. I struggle with reading knitting and crochet patterns and find them very confusing. So my stuff is pretty darn basic. I do best with embroider and then sewing.


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