Friday, September 23, 2016

Only Three More Months Until Christmas

Time is ticking away rapidly.  School has begun, summer is over and it is officially Fall now.  Halloween décor, costumes and candy are front and center at the stores these days.  Soon to be replaced by Christmas with poor Thanksgiving as a side note.  As of Sunday we'll have only three months left until Christmas!  Holy moly!

So far I've managed to get the Christmas cards ready to send out.  Once I get our annual letter completed I'll print it out and tuck one inside each card before I seal them.  I found that I still had a lot of stamps leftover from last year, but I still need three so I will plan to stop by the post office the end of October or first part of November when the Christmas stamps are available and pick up a new book.  That should give me plenty to use next year as well.

I've made some gifts in the past month and even acquired a couple for free.  Yay.  I wish I could show them to you, but certain people read my blog and it would give away the surprise.  We certainly can't have that.  I've also used some gift wrap and supplies I already had to wrap up a few items I have done so far, so I'm even a little ahead of the game there too.  Yaay.

Since one of the gifts I am making is a big sewing project I was super thrilled when JoAnn's Fabric and Crafts sent me a load of coupons in the mail as well as to my inbox.  It will really help to save me a small fortune when I go in to get everything I need.

I made a trip to the liquor store to grab a bottle of brandy (for sipping and recipes) and a bottle of spiced rum (hot buttered rum).  I plan to buy two bottles each month (September, October & November) to restock the cabinet.  It has been very empty for a long time.  I have a couple cocktail type parties planned throughout the holidays this year, one of which will be centered around some blueberry martinis.

I see a hot buttered rum in my future

Along with making a list for the fabric store and clipping coupons I've put some items in my Amazon cart so they will be ready to order here soon.  Just have to wait for payday.  Now I'll have to get busy with a little holiday meal planning and a list of the goodies we will want to make.

That pretty much sums it up so far.  How are your preparations coming along?


  1. They are coming nicely. I have several gifs bought and tucked away, plus I have been making gifts all along this year. I love Christmas, but I mostly love being prepared for it.

    1. I'm with you. If I can be done preparing by Thanksgiving I enjoy the holidays so much more.

  2. I can't believe Christmas is only 3 months away! My husband and I came home yesterday to find one of the gifts we had custom made for our son Chris here in a box on our front doorstep. I brought home a bag full of wine bottle corks that my father had saved for me and I will be using those to make some fun gifts for family and friends who also enjoy a little wine. ;) I do need to get busy making jams and jellies and I am hoping that one of the liquors that I have been working on turns out well.

    1. Sounds like you have some great things in the works. I'm not where I would prefer to be by now so I'll be working double duty to get caught up this next month.

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