Thursday, September 22, 2016

Need A Gift Idea? Well, Who Doesn't Love Pie?

Need a great gift idea?  Check out this old post from 4 years ago.  I'm actually thinking of doing this this year.


I see these at thrift stores quite a bit

After you check it out tell me what you think.  I'd also love to hear some of your gift giving ideas.


  1. love the idea! I once made cheeseballs & put it on a Christmas plate for gifts. I also buy cute trinket glass boxes & will put a piece of jewelry in it for gifts or just keep them around for a quick gift. I've wrapped $Store dish towels around homemade bread for gifts.

    1. Hmmmm. Now you've got me thinking. I like the bread and dish towel idea a lot!

  2. I've done mini loaves of banana and cranberry orange bread in small ceramic loaf pans that I found at the thrift store in the past. They were a huge hit!


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