Thursday, September 28, 2017

Our Morning & Evening Routines

A good morning routine gets your day off to a great start, in my opinion.  It has taken awhile for me to come up with the right one for us, but I think we have finally figured it out.  At least for now, anyway.

I start the day off at 5:30 when my alarm goes off.  I used to start at 5:00, but recently adjusted that when school started again because I felt I needed the extra sleep.  Amazingly, it has really made a difference.  I'm not dragging tail so much by the end of the week plus I seem to have more energy each day.

I make my bed first thing in the morning.  In fact, it is the first thing I do, the moment I get up, before anything else.  It has been a habit of mine for years now.  Then into the bathroom for bathroom duties, I won't go into that, wash my face, brush my hair and then put on moisturizer.

Next I head into the kitchen and put our lunches together while I reheat a cup of coffee in the microwave.  I try to make my coffee in the evenings as it is a great time saver and a pot will last me several days.  I run a little dishwater in the sink to wash up any dishes and wipe down the counters.  Then the coffee and I go sit with my laptop and I check emails and write for a bit.

When it is nearly time to go I head into the bathroom to brush teeth and apply deodorant.  Next up, I get dressed.  My minimalist wardrobe has been ideal.  I make decisions quickly and am dressed and ready to go in less than five minutes.

By this time the girls have come down, fixed their breakfast and are eating (I pack mine and eat at the office).  I leave for work and they finish up their dishes and clean up any mess.  The dishes are dried and put away, kitties are fed and let out, dishcloth and towel are deposited in the laundry basket, sink is shiny and they leave the house for school.

My youngest is home just before I am and then the oldest arrives within ten minutes unless they have afterschool activities which right now they do most of the time.  I start the evening by setting out a fresh dishcloth and towel.  I run a little dishwater in the sink and wash up my lunch dishes and then do my "chore of the day".  I can then write for a bit before picking up kids and then home to get supper on the table, which lately has been a breeze.

The girls take care of their chores and then we have supper.  They have the remainder of the evening for homework or whatever they choose (or a school activity if that is on the schedule like a concert or robotics).

We have a 9:00 curfew on weeknights and that has really been a blessing in a lot of ways.  I thought the girls would give me some grief over it, but instead they were really excited.  Shocked me!  At 9:00 there is no more TV, texting, phone calls, video chat, or online activity.  We shut it down.  We do our 15 minute walk through to put away and tidy up anything that needs attention.  At 9:15 we head off to get ready for bed.  Everyone has to be in their room by 9:30, including me, which at that point we each grab a book and read until we are ready to fall asleep.  My youngest loves this because she is a book nut and my oldest says it forces her to do her required reading for school and she's actually getting it done.  I love it because the house is quiet and I get to wind down after a busy day, enjoy a good book for awhile and then clear my mind for a good night's sleep.

Another thing we do is we all have scheduled shower days.  It took us a bit to get this one worked out so everyone was happy, but we did and now it isn't a big ordeal for time in the bathroom for showering or a fight over hot water rights.  I shower on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  The youngest takes Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and the oldest has Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings.  That also leaves enough extra evenings if someone wants or needs an extra turn.  If it is your shower night we know we need to be in and out well before 9:00.  And in the morning we need to pretty much hit it first thing when we wake up so we don't hold things up for anyone.  Having finally come up with a workable schedule has brought a lot of peace to this household, believe me.

So that is pretty much it.  Nothing is so rigid or tightly scheduled that we don't have a little wiggle room, which I think is also important.  Especially because every day is different and you need to account for that.

Do you do anything like this?


  1. Sounds like a very doable schedule. We have a schedule, not as set in stone, now that we are retired.. But, as I have aged [smile], I don't get things done as fast.ha Seriously, I like to do my 10 minute pick up at night.. and start my day fresh..If I have unexpected company, everything is tidy.. Just makes me feel better, for the upcoming day.. I also, make my bed first thing in the am.. before even going to the bathroom. I empty the dishwasher first thing in the am. All counters were wiped down before going to bed.[including bathroom sink.]. We do not eat no morning dishes.. I might occasionally eat a bowl of cereal, and I clean my bowl immediately.
    Have a great week.

    1. Sounds to me like you have it well figured out. So much nicer when we stay on top of things.

  2. I think it is great that you found a routine that works for your family. Our normal is quite different and because of irregular work hours we could never have things so scheduled. I do need to find a flexible schedule that works for us.

    1. In the summer and on weekends we are much more relaxed, but during the school year we have very little wiggle room if we want to get it all done and have our extra activities.

  3. Sounds like good scheduling. You mentioned you wash your face in the morning and then apply moisturizer. What skincare brands do you use? Just curious because I've been looking into cheaper brands.


    1. I have tried all kinds of things from cheap to expensive. What works best for me is Oil of Olay face wash or a generic equivalent and for moisturizer I use Bath & Body Works body cream. I have to be careful with moisturizers so I don't get a rash and with theirs I've had great results and it stays with me all day.

  4. Thanks for sharing. l love reading about routines and cleaning. It sounds like you have found the perfect routine for you and your family.

    1. I like to read what other people do too, isn't that funny? It helps keep me inspired and I learn a lot of nifty tricks.


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