Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Menu Planning Changes

For the longest time I have done my menu planning for an entire month as a time.  I also structured my shopping accordingly.  But now with us getting ready to go on our big adventure I need to scale back here just like with everything else.
We will have far less space for stocking up groceries and therefore I expect we will need to shop weekly.  I decided the best way to menu plan would be weekly as well.  I’m going to have to make other changes too.  I will be purchasing more canned and dry items for stability and better food storage and relying on fresh and frozen less than I ever have in the past. 

It will be a challenge for me at first to figure it all out but I am certainly up to it.  I’m sure it will definitely test my creativity quite a bit.  It will be fun too.  Change things up a bit. 

For now we will continue to work our way through our stock in the freezers and pantry.  I will shop to supplement with items we run out of and keep it all to a minimum. 

I think I will be posting our Weekly Meal Plan on Wednesdays with the idea that we will be doing them beginning Sunday and doing our shopping prior to that.  We’ll see how it goes?  Wish me luck! 

Next Week’s Menu Plan 

Sunday – Thai Noodle Soup
Monday – Chicken Fried Rice
Tuesday – Leftover soup
Wednesday – Tacos
Thursday – Eggs Benedict
Friday – Taco Salad
Saturday – Zucchini & Carrot Quiche 

What delicious things are you fixing for supper this week?


  1. I really need to do something like this! Really smart.


  2. Did you already tell us what your big adventure is? I need to go back and read some posts.


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