Monday, November 18, 2013

Last Week’s Thrifty Moves

A very full pantry.
Last week I did a lot of strategic grocery shopping with the ads and doubling up sales items with coupons I had in order to further stock up our pantry.  I was very happy with all the items I was able to get while still staying well within budget.  I am very comfortable with the level of food I have set aside as we head into the winter months. 

As a family we have been making a concerted effort to use up all the little bits left in bottles of soaps, shampoos and lotions that once again seem to have collected and cluttered up our tiny abode.  We all agreed when we moved in that we weren't going to have this happen in our new home but before we even realized it we had a new collection.  How does this happen?  So far we have been making good progress in our endeavor to eliminate all these upside down containers now lined up in our bathroom. 

My youngest and I flushed the holding tank one more time just to make sure.  She was sufficiently grossed out by the process.  I am happy to report that we are good to go!  Our little issue has completely resolved itself. 

I ordered the girl's birthday presents online and they arrived via free shipping last week.  I wrapped them with supplies I already had on hand. 

We celebrated some major accomplishments last week - my novel getting published, my oldest getting bumped from 7th grade band to the 8th grade class and sitting 3rd chair, and my youngest passing her first playing test on her violin.  By dining out for lunch we saved money over the higher cost of dinner out.  It was also quieter in the restaurant and made for a really nice time for us to sit and visit while we ate. 

I ordered the girl's Christmas gifts together with my office supplies online with free shipping. 

We watched our favorite TV shows on Hulu and Amazon.  For family movie night I introduced the girls to The Coneheads movie on Amazon.  They thought it was both entertaining and hilarious. 

I sent out two greeting cards this week.  A get well card from my stash and a Thanksgiving card I purchased at the dollar store for 50¢. 

I gave my youngest a haircut. 

We veered off course of our menu plan in order to use up little bits of this and that leftover in the refrigerator.  It meant virtually no food waste this week and some challenging thinking as far as what to make with these things.  Good eats though! 

How was your thrifty week last week?

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