Thursday, November 7, 2013

Three Months In

The view out our front door.
So far, so good.  Other than the usual housekeeping I haven't had to do too much.  There was, of course, the big flush job I did to the holding tank.  Since then I have added some enzymes and good bacteria to our tank to keep things flowing smoothly and the sensor clear and operational. 
I replaced our warm weather water line with our new winter water line.  It is insulated and heated.  It was also expensive at $105 with my Good Sam's discount at Camping World.  I did check around online quite a bit and found this was the best price.  I had a $25 gift card given to me by the salesman when I bought the RV so I used that to help offset the cost. 

Our last tank of propane lasted five weeks.  I refilled it and now it is ready to go when the other one runs out. 

I made space and picked up my much loved bread machine from my friend's house where it was being stored.  Now we can enjoy homemade bread, pizza, rolls, and cinnamon rolls whenever we wish.  The girls are thrilled about this. 

I am relearning how to grocery shop and keep my fridge and pantry full.  Learning how to organize ad stock the pantry has been a bit of trial and error. Especially after dropping canned goods on my feet a few times.  It has taken a bit of an adjustment but I'm getting there.  Finally. 

Our cute little ironing board.
Cooking has been a breeze.  I half expected to come up against a few issues but so far I find I can fix anything I want with a little careful planning.  The key is simplicity.  Patience helps too. 

I am further impressed by the teamwork we continue to exhibit.  We all help each other get beds changed, laundry done, housework finished and the cooking.  Without really thinking about it we've adapted well to getting out of the way when someone needs to pass by. 

We even managed to weather our first round of family illness.  We all came down with head colds a couple of days apart.  Fortunately none of them lasted very long and although we all felt crummy at first no one missed any school or work.  We did go through a lot of tissues, however. 

Managing the single bathroom has gone well also.  Our old home had two so we were a little spoiled.  More than once someone has needed to make an allowance for someone else to wee while they were in the shower.  I think that happens in most one bath households.  Isn't that why they make opaque shower curtains? 

And lastly, if our precocious kitty Stella would be kind enough to close the bathroom door behind her after barging in on us we would be ever so grateful.  What is it with kitties figuring out how to open the bathroom door?

I just love her when she is sleeping!


  1. Amazing how little space we really need to live in eh? I think we are all brainwashed in North America to think bigger is better. My husband and I both grew up in military housing. Our 1800 sq.ft raised bungalow is positively massive in comparison :)

    I am enjoying your posts. I am inspired to live with less.

    1. I think what has amazed me most during this process is how much crap we accumulate and think we have to hang onto. I'm still getting rid of stuff.

  2. Lovely that you are all fitting in so well. How do you do laundry? In the tub? When I first moved to England I lived in a shared flat for 10 months while looking around for a house to buy. The nearest washing machine was shared by several apartment buildings and the washer was never free. I got tired of humping a bag of dirty clothes back and forth, so eventually I just threw it all in the bath tub, stripped from the waist down and pretended I was stomping grapes for wine. Getting the stuff dry in winter time was another matter. I'm sure I introduced mould into my bedroom! But if you're in a more arid climate it wouldn't be such a problem.


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