Thursday, November 21, 2013

Watching TV

If I had to admit to a guilty pleasure it would have to be watching television.  I thoroughly enjoy taking a break from reality and losing myself in a good TV program, just like I do when I read a book.  Lately, I've noticed my list of guilty pleasures seems to be growing an along with that a little guilt about it.  I guess that's what they mean by the saying "guilty pleasure." 

For years we went with basic free television.  In fact, practically my entire life time.  Ten years ago I started subscribing to basic satellite service and for this diehard Thrifty Mom it was one of the toughest decisions I'd ever made.  The reality is that if you add up all the expense for one year, even for basic service, it's a lot of money! 

Now that we have scaled back and we are living tiny so has our television viewing.  For one thing, we no longer own a TV.  That has made for some good change in our home.  We visit more, play our games more often, read a lot more books and I spend far more time writing.  We also save a lot of $$! 

We still have our favorite shows and we all admit to being more than a little concerned about going cold turkey and giving them all up.  Fortunately the internet has managed to provide us with enough free options to keep us well supplied with tons of television viewing.  Free too!

Last year, before we moved, I signed up with Amazon Prime for the free two-day shipping and the free streaming videos.  It was $79 for the entire year!  Less than two month's worth of satellite bills.  So easily, justifiable, except that at the time I still had the satellite subscription too.  Because I do order a lot of things from Amazon and use it quite a bit for my business and now my writing so I do plan to renew it when it comes due next year. 

So what are we watching?  Well, a little bit of everything.  New shows that air on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC air a day later on for free.  Plus Hulu has a ton of older series, some movies, and a lot of children's programs to select from as well.  Amazon streaming has a boatload of TV programs and movies to choose from as well.  And then Youtube has music videos, TV shows and even movies plus quite a bit of BBC.  For those Downton Abbey fans airs that show plus many others online as well.  So we have plenty to choose from. 

So what do we watch our shows on?  Most often we watch on my laptop but for a good movie or if we feel the need to seriously relax we all grab our pillows and fuzzy blankets and get comfy on my bed and watch the big screen on my old desk top.  We watch all our DVDs on there as well. 

So there you go.  Free TV and like most people we still watch too much of it.  But we're happy!


  1. I love Hulu! I've not had satellite since moving out of my parents house. We watch Hulu (computer is hooked up to the tv) and also have Netflix and Amazon Prime. Way cheaper than satellite or cable. I'll admit I do miss it though. Whenever I'm at my parents or the in-laws and they are flipping through the guide, I'm a bit envious. But considering how much money they spend on it every single month, I just don't think it is worth it.

    1. It really is a lot of money. In fact, I realized after adding it up for one year it was enough to take a small vacation!

  2. I haven't had cable for years but I do watch a couple of shows online that are free. I also check out DVDs and TV shows from the library occasionally. My town's library has a great selection and it's all free.

    We didn't have cable most of the years my children were growing up either. Their teachers were always telling me how creative my children were and I'm sure the lack of TV had a lot to do with it. They were allowed to watch videos but when it was done, that was it. The TV got shut off. They didn't get sucked into the next show that came on like you do with cable/network TV. Now that they are grown do they feel like they missed out? Nope. None of them have cable in their own homes.

    1. It wasn't something I grew up with and my son never had it while growing up either. My girls don't seem to miss it. They thought they would but were surprised to find they don't.

  3. We have cable and I LOVE IT! We have gone without it off and on and we have the basic with no DVR but seriously - a girl has to have her Duck Dynasty and Frontier Alaska and the seriously cheesy Hallmark movies during the Holidays. It must be done.

    1. I always got sucked into those Hallmark movies at the holidays too. I'm a NASCAR fan so I do miss that. I manage to get over to a friends home from time to time and watch it on their TV. Honestly, for what a years worth of satellite cost I could use that money to go see one in person. Hmmmm. Las Vegas Speedway, here I come.


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