Monday, April 24, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

We enjoyed a wonderful, quiet and laid back Easter Sunday.  I hope all of you had a wonderful day as well.

We all slept in and then lazed about for a while.  My oldest made a beautiful apple pie, I made stuffed shells with shrimp for our midday meal and my youngest made a lovely green salad to go with it.  It was truly perfect.

Sunday evening I took my two old bed pillows and gave them new life rather than add them to the landfill.  I was in need of a simple project to do and this one fit the bill.  You can read about how I did that here if you'd like.

The day before Easter we had looked at a motorhome listed on Craigslist.  It was the one.  But since I have a policy to sleep on all of my big decisions and really think it through it was Monday before I told the seller I was interested in a purchase.  So off she went to the mechanic for an inspection.  She passed!

Tuesday, not so thrifty.  In addition to paying for her I also went to the DMV where I had to pay sales tax, a transfer title fees, registration and buy new license plates.  I decided to put those expenses on my credit card.  For one thing I wanted the purchase points on my card and for another I was still trying to get used to the new balance in savings account.

Wednesday I got home and was able to get inside my new rig and clean and deodorize the refrigerator after it had been closed up all winter.  I fixed a hinge that had some stripped out screw holes and the loose screen on the furnace cover.  I also removed the big monster microwave.  My first tinkerings!

Thursday I didn't get to play in my motorhome at all!  Too many other things like stupid laundry and vacuuming required my attention.  Sheesh!

Friday was a different story.  We ran errands and picked up odds and ends of things to make little minor repairs.  I also fired off and Amazon order for supplies for my first big motorhome project.

We won FREE cheese!  The girls like to play Monopoly at Albertsons and they got a winning game piece.  We stopped in to pick it up and it was the big 2# bag of shredded cheese.  Score!

Saturday I spent the morning cleaning off the layer of winter that had settled over the interior of the motorhome and making a few little repairs to various things.  But by that afternoon I had taken some measurements and made a new list before heading off to Home Depot.  Once I got back I was in full project mode.

Along with motorhome distractions I did manage to cook and keep house.  Oh, I also went to work.  Ha, ha!

We fed some kitchen scraps to our chickens and they laid plenty of eggs last week.  The package of markdown sourdough English muffins I bought the week before, a package of sliced Colby Jack cheese I took out of the freezer and those eggs became our breakfast mainstay all week.  I made egg sandwiches at a cost of 18¢ each!

For the first time in nearly 20 years I decided to order pizza delivery Saturday since we were all in project mode.  I never do this and I'll probably never do it again.  They delivered everything we ordered but the pizza.  When I called to let them know they offered to make a pizza and told me there would be an additional delivery charge.  I told the gal I didn't think the extra delivery charge was right and then she told me too that the pizza was going to be more money as well.  What?!  "No, I think you need to make the pizza at the original price I ordered it at and bring it here with no delivery fee."  She hung up on me!  Yeah, real great customer service.  Time to pen a letter to corporate I suppose.  But I doubt I'll ever buy anything from them ever again.

I stuck a soap sliver to a new bar of soap in the shower and used up every last bit of a tube of chapstick.

I did not do any grocery shopping last week.

So not much of a thrifty week really, once all was said and done.  But a pretty great week nonetheless.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Every week is not thrifty and reading your mini winnie post it sounds like you got something that is going to deliver on a lot of fun for a long time. So I still call it a thrifty week, even if it did cost money right now!

  2. So happy you got to work on your camper.. How fun.
    Congrats to girls for winning the cheese.
    Shocking behavior from the pizza place.. I do not blame you,
    I would contac corporate.. Even if you dont ever buy from them again, They should not get by with that.. [They are the ones that messed up and didn't bring the correct order, Cant believe they wanted you to pay for their mistakes.] So sorry. It seems like that type of thing happens all the time. People just don't stand behind their word.
    Have a great week.

    1. Customer service seems to be a lost form these days. Very unfortunate.

  3. Some weeks are not thrifty but keep your thrifty state of mind and it will work for you.

  4. Let me write that letter for you -- I write GREAT (what my family calls) 'complaining' letters. If it produces any results (and it will), I can use you as a reference. (I'm thinking of starting a business doing this.)

    1. Oh my gosh! You go for it girl! I've been waffling about whether to even waste my time.

  5. Your camper & mine look alike. We have a 1990 GranVille. A diesel Econoline. We bought it @ an auction 8 yrs ago this July. It sat in a field for 5 yrs prior to the auction. The frig, stove, lights, worked, but we had to replace the floor, subfloor, walls, windows, husby put new brake system from front to back, tires, etc. But it was old enuff he could work on it & it only had 32000 miles on it. Except for the past winter, we wintered in FL in it for the past 4 yrs. Dau did industrial sewing for an RV dealer, so she made all the curtains, & new cushions for the dinette. We took out the old micro & put in a new one. Every year we do a little more to it. It was fun shopping @ thrift stores for dishes, silverware, but a lot just came from the house. I see you have the "useless" window above the cab too. Buy reflectix, measure for your window & put in. Keeps the sun/heat out. As we have 2 twin beds in the back, we don't use the over the cab bed. Except for grandkids. We changed the lights to LED. If you go with a stocked frig, be sure to buy frig extension rods, to keep food in, because yes! the door may fly open....ask me how I know. Always, put opened crackers, chips, cookies, noodles, etc in zip locks... remember..ants! Have fun...

    1. Wow! That is wonderful and thanks for all the advice. I know a ton of that kind of stuff has already been done to my girl so I get to do all the fun stuff. I'll be shopping the house first like you said. I just ordered a new microwave from Amazon yesterday to replace the big monster that was in there. Took up a ton of space.

  6. I would be so mad about the pizza order. I'm with you...not going to pay more and I would never order from them again!

    1. Dang skippy! I'm still mad at them about it. :(


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