Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Prepping For Thanksgiving With A Few Mishaps

I don’t think it was possible to pack anymore into last week.  When this Sunday hit I have to admit I was super happy to sit back and take a breather.  We were doing pretty good getting everything done on our overpacked schedule.  Then Wednesday arrived. 

Wednesday evening is when things started to get a little weird.  I closed the shop an hour early, we headed to the dollar store so oldest daughter could birthday shop for her sister.  Then home for reheated leftovers and to start prepping for our Thanksgiving feast on Thursday. 

First thing I started to make the brine for the turkey and while scrubbing a carrot for the veggie broth I was about to make my vegetable brush snapped in half.  Oh well, I just used the bristly part and finished scrubbing the veggies.  Not comfy, but it got the job done. 

With the brine ready it was time to rinse out the turkey and when I reached in to pull the neck out I cut the tip of my index finger on a sharp bone.  I cut it good too.  That bird bit me right back!  Wash hands, get out band-aids, go back to work.  With the turkey onto soak overnight we moved on.

I grabbed a sugar pumpkin to cut up and put on the stove to steam so I would have puree to make a pie in the morning.  While cutting into the pumpkin my big knife I use to cut veggies snapped in half right at the handle, slid sideways and pinched my left hand on the side breaking the skin.  Luckily it only bled slightly.  Thank God!  I looked at the girls and shook my head.  Maybe we aren’t supposed to be doing all this tonight? 

I really didn’t want to be one of those Thanksgiving kitchen accident statistics!  No stitches! 

We got the pumpkin onto steam and I got busy washing up dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.  Then I noticed my feet were getting wet and discovered a leak under the kitchen sink.  Grab some towels! 

We pulled everything out from under the sink and cleaned up that mess.  Then I tightened the leaking drain the best I could.  What’s that smell? 

The pumpkin was out of water and we were just about to burn.  Quick!  Add water!  Phew!  We were safe. 

My oldest took over pumpkin duty once it was done steaming and I decided it was time for me to change tactics.  I grabbed the martini shaker and fixed myself a cocktail.  I really was feeling the need at this point. 

With martini in hand youngest daughter and I decided to go ahead and bake the pie.  It was my grandma’s No Crust Pumpkin Pie so super easy.  I preheated the oven and we got the pie mixed up and ready to go.  One less thing to do tomorrow! 

When the oven beeped that it was preheated I opened the door to find I had forgotten that earlier that week I had spilled coconut cream pie filling in the bottom of the oven.  It was burning off and immediately filled the kitchen with black smoke.  Why not?! 

I flipped on the exhaust fan, put the pie in the oven, set the timer and grabbed my martini.  Break time! 

Did you have any crazy kitchen adventures at your house this year?


  1. Martini time sometimes comes unexpectedly:)

    That was funny! I hope Thanksgiving day went better.

  2. You know there are just times when you need a stiff belt! :)


  3. My mom used to say Happy Hour comes earlier every year! I hope you had a happy holiday anyway!

  4. In spite of everything we had a great holiday! I got all the wierd stuff done and out of the way at once. After the martini it was smooth sailing. :)


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