Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Mission – Project #6 - My Knitting Box

I knit and crochet a lot, mostly crochet, especially in the winter.  It helps me keep my arthritic hands limber.  One of the things I have always wanted was a way to keep my crochet hooks organized.  I finally took the time to sew a felt case to keep them in.  It was so easy and only took me about 10 minutes to make it.  Again, why have I waited so long?

I took the banker box I have, all labeled, and went through it and organized my yarns.  I put the yarn skeins in a clear plastic zippered bag that my electric blanket came in to keep them better contained and dust free.

I also keep a plastic bag with all my yarn ends, rolled in little balls, so when I want to put together a small project I can go to that bag and get right to it.  I decided to switch that bag to a clear plastic zippered case that my bedroom sheers came in.  It looks neater and fits in the box better.  I can also keep my new felt case for my hooks in it.

My set of nifty knitter looms fits inside the case they came in and I tucked all my relevant pattern booklets inside as well.  I have a larger set of looms that won’t fit in the box so I decided to make a sleeve with a drawstring to store them in.  Now I can keep them contained and dust free in the closet next to the box.

My knitting needles ended up in a nylon sleeve that went to something, but I don’t remember exactly what.  I just know it is the right size for the job and now has a purpose.  I was planning to throw that sleeve away several times but was afraid that once I did I’d figure out what it goes to and need it.  If I do end up needing it I’ll still have it but in the meantime it can earn its keep storing my knitting needles.  I have one set of circular knitting needles but since I have never used them it seems prudent at this time, to donate them. 

Another way to store knitting needles, if you have several sets, is to put them in a vase like flowers.  Put them in tip first so the ends are up with their sizes showing.  When you are ready to knit you can simply pull out the size you need. 

Finally, I went through all the patterns I’ve saved and purged them down to the ones I am most likely to actually use.  I placed them inside a two pocket folder I acquisitioned from the School Supplies box in my bedroom closet.  It slips nicely down the side of the box or, if I choose, would fit inside the zippered bag with all my yarn skeins. 

Another project done!  Whoo hooo!  I’m on a roll!

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