Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Egg Dye

I don’t buy the Easter egg dye kits.  Instead I make my own with food coloring a little vinegar and boiling water.  All items I have on hand already. 

We set up clean coffee cups, pour in 1 Tbs. vinegar and six to eight drops of food color.  Fill cup half way with boiling water and stir with a spoon.  Allow to sit and cool a bit and then you are ready to dye your hardboiled eggs. 

I start with the four basic colors – red, yellow, green and blue.  For a purple egg we dip in red and then in blue until we get the color we like.  Of course you always need to have an ugly egg and use all the colors to achieve this fine work of art. 

White crayons work great to draw designs or write names on the eggs.  Markers and stickers can be used to further enhance your artistic creations.  Glue and a little glitter can be fun.  Wrap string or yarn around your egg before dying it for a one of a kind design.  Once the egg dries remove the string and there you have it. 

Scrounge around your house for items you can use for decorating your Easter eggs this year.  This way the only expense you have is the eggs themselves.


  1. Thanks! I think i'll use what we have this year as well.. :) The girls love doing this!

    1. To make this recipe even more thrifty, I am going to purchase my dye from our local Dollar Tree for $l.00. Food dye is priced almost $3.00 at local grocery stores and $2.50 at Dollar General. Penny S.

    2. That's where I get my food coloring. Good ol' Dollar Tree. Can't beat a buck! And it lasts a good long time too. Have fun!!


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