Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March – 30 Things to Do This Month

Every day this month I am going to pick one thing from the list to do and then mark it off.  Some I can do quickly and some I will need to schedule time for. 

1.                   Make Easter cards
2.                  Send Easter cards
3.                  Have someone over for dinner
4.                  Family Movie Nite
5.                  Sew something
6.                  Make a gift
7.                  List something to sell on eBay and/or Etsy
8.                  Try a new recipe
9.                  April meal planner
10.               Prune apple and pear trees
11.                Clean, vacuum and dust entire upstairs
12.               Super clean and reorganize pantry
13.               Make four birthday cards
14.               Send a letter to someone
15.               Bake two loaves of bread
16.               Start seeds for the garden
17.               Wash all the mirrors
18.               Wash interior windows
19.               Decorate Easter eggs with the girls
20.              Family Game Nite
21.               Go on a bike ride (weather permitting)
22.              Build a new brooder for new peeps
23.              Go on a weekend adventure or family field trip
24.              Take the girls out for a date night
25.              Do something unexpected for someone
26.              Clean up the backyard
27.              Clean up the front yard
28.              Clean inside of vehicles
29.              Wash vehicles
30.              Sweep out the garage 

Last month’s list was a bit of a hit and miss but I feel I got the most important items crossed off. 
1.                   Make Valentine cards
2.                  Make school Valentines with the girls
3.                  Make Valentine cookies
4.                  Sew something
5.                  List something to sell on eBay and/or Etsy
6.                  Try a new recipe
7.                  March meal planner
8.                  Clean, vacuum and dust the entire downstairs
9.                  Super clean and organize downstairs bathroom
10.               Make a gift
11.                Family Movie Nite
12.               Have someone over for dinner
13.               Family Game Nite
14.               Send a letter or a card to someone
15.               Do something unexpected for someone
16.               Have a craft day with the girls
17.               Bake two loaves of bread
18.               Make Christmas gift tags
19.               Investment cooking day
20.              Manicure party with my girls
21.               Take in the glass for recycling
22.              Brew a new batch of beer
23.              Clean up the front yard (weather permitting)
24.              Clean up the back yard (weather permitting)  We got snow and
25.              Wash the vehicles (weather permitting) other yucky weather.
26.              Vacuum the vehicles
27.              Sweep the garage
28.              Make tortillas didn’t need any so I didn’t make any
Do you make any big “To Do” lists like this one?

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