Thursday, March 7, 2013


At long last I hunkered down this past Sunday afternoon and tackled three months worth of ironing.  I really don’t like to iron.  Unlike my mother, who irons every day, I prefer the hot dryer, grab it quick and hang it up on a hanger before it wrinkles method.  That is how I deal with most of my clothes. 

Eventually things wrinkle to the point that you have to give them a proper press and that is when I start accumulating a pile.  I can procrastinate like nobody else when it comes to the ironing pile.  Unfortunately I waited so long with some items I had to rewash them because they were dusty.  Not a thrifty move there to be sure. 

Once I get it all done though, I feel a ton better about the fact that my closet is full and there isn’t that daunting task nagging at me waiting to be done.  Plus, I love how nice a well pressed blouse or a pair of pants looks and feels when I put it on.  You would think that would be enough incentive to get right to it, wouldn’t you?  But alas, no. 

What is that one chore you absolutely despise doing?  How to get motivated to get it done?


  1. I must be your kindred spirit since I loathe ironing. I was made to iron as a child. Nothing in our home was off limits to the iron except bath towels. Aaaack.

    I don't iron and I won't. So as far as something I don't like to do but do it anyway, cleaning the inside of the fridge. I do it regardless.

  2. The only things I iron, are my handmade creations, so I don't mind it at all... now, vacuuming and scrubbing the bathroom, well that's another story... ;) lol!!


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