Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm Getting A Washing Machine

Monday I ordered a cute little washing machine from Home Depot.  I can hardly wait for it to arrive.  It is small so it will fit into the only available space I have for it right next to the kitchen sink, which is great since that is where it really needs to be. 

It hooks up to the faucet and drains in the sink.  Because it is a small capacity I'll need to do laundry pretty much every day in order to keep up on it.  I am totally fine with that.  I have plenty of drip dry hangers and clothes pins.  I also plan to buy a drying rack to set up outside.  In cooler weather it will fit in the bathtub for drying indoors. 

I'll still need to go to a laundromat from time to time to wash our blankets and that is fine too.  For us doing laundry at a laundromat is anything but thrifty.  The nearest laundromat is twelve miles away from where we are at so I only go once a week.  This week I spent $5.75 in quarters to run a triple loader washing machine and two dryers.  Our bath towels and denim items were still damp and I hung them up to finish drying at home.  Add the mileage, and in our case a twenty four mile round trip in our truck uses a gallon of gas, I spent nearly $10 to wash this week's laundry.  Plus it took me two and a half hours to drive there, wash and dry, fold and drive back home. 

For some they have no choice but to use a laundromat.  Either they have no place to hook up a machine where they live, as is the case in a lot of apartments, or they don't have the resources to purchase one, not even a used one.  And I imagine there are those that prefer to just go to the Laundromat and get it all done at once.  I personally have never cared for laundromats and prefer to do my wash at home.  Mostly because it is inconvenient.  That is just how I am. 

So I am pretty dang excited to get my new washing machine.  I hope it gets here soon!


  1. I was wondering about your laundry situation. I've got some little manual clothes washing units bookmarked on Amazon that have great reviews that I am interested in once we get our camper. My parents have given us their big camper, we just have not picked it up from them yet but if we ever do spend any extended time in our camper, I will need some sort of a washer.
    Laundromats are expensive and not as germ-free as suits me, have you noticed what other people are washing in those machines?

    anyway, I am glad you are getting your own washer.

    1. Since I have to use a Laundromat right now I'm trying not too think about the germs. But I do agree. I am so glad I can get my own washer.

  2. Glad you got the washer, that will make life easier!
    I'm with Rhonda Sue I am a bit of a germ phobe so I have a hard time with laundry mats.

    1. Just got a shipping update. It will be here Tuesday!


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