Monday, August 12, 2013

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Last week I found myself being extra conservative.  With everything - water, trash and recycling, food consumption and waste, spending.  It was great!! 

We stayed home on Sunday and enjoyed a quiet day of family togetherness and did a little more unpacking and organizing. 

Monday we did all of our errands in anticipation that we might be carless for awhile as someone made an offer to purchase our car and we had a truck in need of repair.  I picked up our mini refrigerator to set it up outside for storing drinks in.  We stopped at the laundromat and ran a large load of clothes.  On the way home we stopped at two grocery stores along the way and purchased this week's sales items we needed for our menu plan and I also stocked up on cheese.  I spent less than $20! 

I bought stamps at the post office located in one of the grocery stores we stopped at.  Convenient and it saves me from having to make a separate stop.  I am going to love this new grocery store, I can tell already. 

I used my new Good Sam's Club membership to have my truck towed from a friend's house to my mechanic.  More later on how that all went down.  It's an amazing story. 

On Tuesday I sold my car, went to my mechanic's and picked up my repaired truck and happily drove it home.  I stopped along the way and filled the tank with gas so we are all set for quite a while.  I also stopped at the bank on our way home. 

I took the girls to the $1 movie Tuesday afternoon.  We stopped for 50¢ ice cream cones at Burger King afterward.  Then on the way home I picked up a few supplies at the plumbing store to make a couple minor repairs for less than $3. 

We watched a movie and a few television programs on Hulu, which is free, and on our Amazon Prime membership. 

I listed ten items for sale on eBay.  I also listed some things for sale on Craigslist. 

My girls introduced themselves to our neighbor next door and asked if we could feed our kitchen scraps to her chickens.  She was so thrilled that we wanted to do that she sent the girls home with a dozen farm fresh eggs.  I was thrilled to get the eggs. 

I repurposed one of my favorite vintage quart size canning jars and it is now my coffee canister.  Love it! 

Our landlady brought us more cucumbers from her garden. 

We dug out an old game of mine from childhood called Careers.  The girls have been wanting me to teach them to play it forever.  We didn't have any score sheets so I went online and found a picture of one, printed it off and recreated it in Excel.  I love doing stuff like that.  We printed them off on regular copy paper (two sheets per page) and cut them in half with our X-acto paper cutter.  Now we are back in business and ready to play.  If any of you happen to have that game and need game sheets let me know.  I'd be happy to share our template.
We borrowed books and DVDs from the library.
How was your thrifty week?


  1. Did you ever consider putting a link to you eBay listings on the blog? I have seen a few people do that.

    1. I have toyed with the idea a little. What I'd like is to be able to build up my Etsy store. That is actually one of my goals in the not too distant future.

  2. Good job! I've not been so thrifty lately. But hopefully I'll get better soon! I spent almost $90 on groceries for just two of us that should last a couple of weeks (minus a trip for more soda, my Achilles heel). I could definitely do better than that. I did get some free corn on the cob and green bell peppers from my grandmas garden today!

    1. I think you are doing great! And there is nothing better than homegrown veggies. :)

  3. I haven't played that game in years, and it might be because we ran out of score cards! lol


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