Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Pair Of Re-Vamped Lampshades - Final Cost $1.59

Last month I bought a couple of vintage milk glass table lamps from eBay.  One came with a shade and the other one did not.  I planned, when I bought them, to buy new lampshades for them.  However, after checking out a few stores I didn't find what I wanted.  Not at all.

While out shopping at a few thrift stores I happened across a cute little shade on sale for $1.59.  Problem was it was discolored, had a couple of stains and the glue holding the trim had seeped out along the edges and turned brown.  Not pretty.

I had heard you could spray paint lampshades so I figured, why not give it a try?  For $1.59 I thought it might be worth a shot.  So I bought the lampshade.

My neighbor had a couple of cans of spray paint she wasn’t going to use.  One yellow and one white.  The yellow was nearly full and the white was about half.  I happily took the paint, but I decided I'd stick with the white for this project.  I also decided to go ahead and paint the one that I already had too.  It was seriously yellowed and I was actually planning to toss it.

I started out by painting the insides of the shades first.  Surprisingly, they were in the worst shape.  Once dry I flipped them over and painted the outside.

Quite awhile ago my mother had given me this vintage trim.  Now I finally had something to use it on.

I fired up the ol' glue gun and once the shades had dried I glued the trim to the top and bottom edges of each lamp.  Then I put them on the lamps and WOW!  What a transformation.  I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.  Perfect vintage charm!

OMG!  OMG!  OMG!  I just love them!


    They came out great- I am so happy you had that trim! Those lamps are beautiful. :)

    1. LOL That trim made it perfect, I think. I think the blue one is my favorite.

  2. Those turned out beautifully! A job will done!

  3. This is really beautiful and very crafty on your part. Told my son we need to try on our dated shades. Thanks for sharing. Gina.


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