Monday, April 18, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday I made two loaves of oat bread and two loaves of whole wheat.  The girls ate almost an entire loaf of oat bread right out of the oven for lunch.  I also used half a dozen Easter eggs to make a big bowl of egg salad to go with the fresh bread.  It was pretty darn good.

I cleaned out and reorganized my bedroom closet purging several items, including five pairs of shoes, that I set aside to donate.  In re-organizing a couple of bins I had in there I was able to eliminate one of them completely as I had used up most of what was stored inside.  Whoo hooo!

After work on Wednesday I went to JoAnn Fabrics to get more white muslin and use a 40% OFF coupon that a friend gave me and it expired that day.  Four yards for $10.15!  While there I was looking at the quilter's cutting mattes and the clerk informed me they were going on sale for 50% OFF the very next day.  Needless to say I had no problem waiting a day.  I headed back on the way home from work Thursday and picked one up.  And a ruler too, also half price.

I treated the girls to dinner out at our favorite pizza buffet restaurant near our house.  I used a gift card a friend had given me at Christmas.  No money out of pocket and I still have a little left on the card for another time.

I did an online store survey for Fred Meyer and earned an extra 50 bonus reward points toward a fuel discount.

I didn't do any grocery shopping this week!

I did buy some lighter weight cardigan sweaters, however.  I found a really nice black one on sale for $17.88 at ShopKo.  I wore it and I love it.  The right weight, the sleeves are long enough (I really struggle with that), soft and it fits me really nice.  By Thursday I had convinced myself it was okay to go and get the royal blue one.  I've always wanted one in that color.  I checked out and was handed a $10 OFF $10 coupon.  I went right back and bought another one in fuschia for $7.88!  Now I have a sweaters in every color to compliment my wardrobe.  I won't need to buy another sweater for a looooooooooong time. J

I relisted four crocheted baby afghans for sale in my Etsy shoppe.

We fed our kitchen scraps to our chickens.  I sold two dozen eggs to a friend and a dozen to our next door neighbor.  The girls have been super productive this week!

I washed out two gallon size Ziploc bags to reuse.

How thrifty was your week?

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