Friday, April 1, 2016

My Uber Thrifty Month In Review - March

I started out the month with an extra $99 in my checking account.  Not a bad way to get started, if you ask me.  It was particularly helpful as my paycheck was minus a day due to February being a shorter month.  Had it not been a leap year it would have been short two days.  That can make it more of a challenge to get things taken care of.  This year though, we had it covered. J

I paid our monthly expenses ahead of their due dates and my mortgage a full two weeks early.  Loving it, loving it.  This month I was blessed on more than one occasion.  The first blessing came in the form of the opportunity to work a bit of overtime.  Normally I try not to work much overtime.  A little here and there is fine, but as a rule I try not to.  This month, however, it ended up being a work from home situation so I was happy to give it a whirl and it worked out beautifully.  All overtime earnings were put toward debt repayment.

The other blessing this month was in the form of a bonus check.  I knew I was likely to get one this month but I had no idea it would be for that much.  I nearly cried, right in front of my boss!  That would have been embarrassing.  But the possibilities this created, holy cow!

Normally I would have put that money straight into savings, however, since all my savings goals have been met for the year I decided to put it where it would have the greatest impact.  You guessed it.  Debt repayment.  Between the overtime and the bonus I was able to cut the remaining balance in half!  That moved my payoff timeline up another 2 months!!  Was there a happy dance going on?  Oh yes, there was! J

I did some shopping throughout the month.  Some was online and the rest in stores and thrift stores.  I spent a little more this month than I normally do, but since I rarely just shop for stuff I didn't feel at all guilty.  Everything I bought was for projects I am working on to get ready for my retirement.  Most of what I bought is secondhand, but in really great condition.  I am keeping track and minding my pennies in the process.

I am super thrilled with how things went last month and super excited to see what I can accomplish this month.


  1. How in the world have you met your savings goals for the year so soon? Good job!

  2. When do you plan on retiring?

    1. Not that I'm counting or anything 13 1/2 years, if not sooner (sooner is a real possibility). And I know it will fly by.

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