Monday, April 25, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

On the way to the barbeque we stopped in at the library, which is located directly across the street from the park, to drop off books and check out new ones.  Then on the way home we stopped at the dollar store so I could pick up a couple sympathy cards to send a couple of my friends who recently lost loved ones.  They had a very nice selection to choose from.  I also found a cute little candle to give to one of my friends.

I used some of the muslin I bought the week before to make a set pillowcases (post coming).  I wanted to custom make a set to fit the pretty blue crocheted lace I had.

I had some scraps of eyelet in my stash so I cut and quilted pieces together and made a pretty little throw pillow.  Very soft and feminine.  My oldest fell completely in love with it.

Some time ago I had searched online for free embroidery transfers for various projects I hoped to work on.  I printed one of those patterns out using scrap paper from my stash.  I cut a nice piece of natural 100% cotton muslin that I already had and drew the pattern onto the fabric with a pencil.  Another project (I'll be sharing) is now in the works!

I got my free sample of cat food in the mail and the sample of tea bags I ordered arrived a couple weeks ago.  Freebies are fun.  J

I got some coupons in the mail from Fred Meyer for certain amounts off of cleaning supplies.  Any kind I wanted to buy.  Nice!

Thursday I finally went grocery shopping.  We didn’t need much, just a few things to round out what we already had at home as well as milk and produce.  I did come across several markdown items that were hard to pass up, however.

I redeemed my saved credit card rewards points for a $50 Dillards gift card.  It is time to replace some of my work pants so this will certainly come in handy.

I made a delicious banana cream pie.  The filling was from scratch and I used a graham cracker crust I had purchased awhile back at the dollar store.  It didn't last long.

I made a pint of buttermilk salad dressing.

How thrifty was your week?


  1. Yum. That pie looks good. Now I'm wanting one :)

    1. It really was good. Now it is just a fleeting memory.

  2. Like the pillow cases, do you have iron the crochet after laundry?

    1. It curls up a bit so I like it pressed but it still looks nice out of the dryer.

  3. Would you share your salad dressing recipe? Thanks!

    1. Happy to! Put this in your browser and it will take you right to the recipe. :)


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