Monday, April 4, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

We hosted Easter dinner again this year.  I pulled the extra ham I bought at Christmas time out of the freezer and fixed several delicious sides to go with it, including homemade rolls.  My oldest and I made a coconut cake and decorated it with the leftover green coconut from the Easter cupcakes we had made a couple weeks ago and some chocolate eggs.  It was delicious.

I finished another doily with some embroidery floss and old buttons from my button jar.  The scrap of fabric I used was just the perfect size and the lace I had in my stash as well.  I almost think this one is my favorite so far.

I used my great-grandmother's embroidery transfers and some white muslin and lace I had in  my stash to make a pretty dresser scarf.  I love the sweet little flowers made with lazy daisy stitches and French knots.

I needed a baby gift for a co-worker so I grabbed one of the baby afghans I love to make from my stash in the closet.  I also had a gift bag, tissue and even a card in my gift wrap stash making this a super easy task to accomplish this time around.  She loves the afghan, by the way. J

My seven year old lunch box fell apart.  Not a huge surprise as I use it nearly every day.  I was able to get a replacement, same brand, style and color, for $9.  That made me really happy because all of my lunch dishes and the ice packs I use fit inside perfectly.  I wonder if I'll get seven years out of this one.

I cut up the rest of our Easter ham.  We ended up with two packages of sliced ham for sandwiches, a quart sized bag of chunks of meat for ham salad or to add to recipes and a nice ham bone for soup.  Not to mention we had two dinners and several lunches throughout the week.

Go Chickadees 5871!  What a blast!

My oldest daughters robotics team went to competition last week - Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Fortunately Boise hosted this year so no out of town travel for us.  I earmarked $75 for food and incidentals for us while at the event since I needed to feed two us twice a day the first two days and all three of us on the last day.  To save money we ate offsite and I didn't purchase anything at the arena.  $5 for a bottle of water - pleeeeease!  We made lunch our main meal of the day.  I purchased snack cracker packs at the dollar store and bought a case of bottled water at Albertson's with a coupon for $1.79.  Thrifty choices off restaurant menus help a lot too.  We ate at Subway twice to keep it as healthy as possible too.  I was thrilled to come in just under budget.

My embroidery buddy.

Our chickens ate very well as we had a lot of kitchen scraps to give them, more than usual.  They rewarded us with almost two dozen gorgeous eggs.  I just love those girls.

How thrifty was your week?

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