Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Grasshopper Pie

My darling oldest daughter turned seventeen yesterday.  She is such a fine young lady and I could not be any prouder.  I'm just having a hard time believing she is seventeen already.  My goodness.

This year for her birthday she asked me to make her a Grasshopper Pie.  It is a super easy and very yummy mint and chocolate ice cream dessert.  I thought I would share it in case you might like to make one yourself.

You start out making the crust by crushing up a package of chocolate graham crackers.  Melt half a stick of butter (1/4 cup) and add it to the cracker crumbs.  Mix well and then press them into a pie pan.  Place in the refrigerator to chill.

Set out a carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream to soften, about 20 minutes should do the trick.  Set out a carton of Cool Whip to thaw too.

In the bottom of the pie crust drizzle some chocolate syrup.  Press the ice cream into the crust, drizzle with more syrup.  Cover the top of the pie in whipped topping.  Drizzle with more syrup and, if you have them, sprinkle on some mini chocolate chips or chocolate shavings.  Why not?  Just go crazy.

Put the pie in the freezer overnight.  When you are ready to serve set it out about 10 minutes before you plan to cut it.  Pretty easy, huh?  Pretty darn good too!


  1. Holy, moly! I gained a few pounds just reading this!
    I hope the day was fabulous for your daughter,

    1. Ha, ha, ha! She had a great day and the pie was yummy!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Oh that pie looked good!


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