Monday, November 13, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday morning I finished a couple more Christmas sewing projects using the fabric I had bought on sale last spring and other things I already had on hand.  They were also my last two handmade projects to complete.  Yaaay!

We are having a week of eating from our freezer where I've squirreled away quite an assortment of leftovers and other odds and ends.  It has proven to be both rather delicious, not to mention simple and extremely thrifty.  I also had enough produce on hand to keep us in salads.

Containers I pulled out of the freezer for last week's meals

I emptied the last of the dish soap from the big refill bottle into a smaller one.  I added water to the larger one and gave it a good shake to use up the soap residue still clinging inside the bottle.  We were able to wash dishes for five days with that super soapy water.

I laminated the sliver of soap from the shower to a brand new bar so we could use it all up.  I cut open my tube of face cream so I could use up the last of it.

Monday evening I went to the library and returned two books and checked out two more.  Murder mysteries.  Love them!  I stayed and used their internet and my laptop to get caught up of my time, but it also saved me a little fuel in the car by not having to make an extra trip.

Mulching leaves

Wednesday I went to Home Depot and bought a leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher that was on sale.  The youngest and I put it together, then went outside and turned a mountain of leaves into a single compost bin full to set at the curb for collection.

Not a big hole yet

Simple tools

My kitty caught his toenail in the sleeve of my red sweater and snagged it.  When I went to fix the snag I noticed a small hole.  I decided I'd better fix it quick so it didn't try to unravel.  After pulling the snag taut as best I could I used a needle threader to pull what remained of the snag to the inside of the sleeve.  I then used a needle and red thread to catch all the little loops and fix the hole.  Three stitches later and you can't even tell there was a mishap.

All better!  Can't even tell there was a hole!

I downloaded a few digital grocery coupons to my Fred Meyer rewards card.  I also printed off three more from

The only grocery shopping I did last week was to stop in at Fred Meyer and pick up some milk ($1.29) and two Friday Freebies I'd downloaded.

I used a cake mix and frosting I'd bought on sale a couple months ago 😋

Saturday the girls and I really hit a brick wall.  All of our busyness caught up with us in a big way so we took the day off.  I binge watched Youtube videos and the girls got caught up on their homework.  I baked cupcakes in the afternoon and we watched a couple movies.  The girls also got in some much needed reading time.  The only chores we did were dishes, laundry and taking care of our pets.  We never even got out of our pajamas.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Every time I visit my friend in KY we have 1-2 PJ days where we watch Hallmark movies and eat whatever we want. Last time we both got new PJ's just for that. lol. It is so relaxing and something I rarely do at home unless I feel yucky. We bought a leaf blower that does the vacuuming and mulching too a few years ago. It works good for blowing powdery snow off walkways and porches. We love ours and use it all the time.
    Take care and have an awesome week.

    1. Sounds like you and your friend know how to party, love it!! Good to know your snow blower does so well. So far I am liking mine very much. Take care! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great week...would love to have a bunch of leftovers to eat! A trip to the pet store for needed food...$10 off $50 made it a big win coupled with sales, a much needed grocery store visit ended up with most items on sale so stocked up...selling a few things via FB brought in enough money to make a more than double student loan payment...every little bit helps...we had lots of food at work last week so I was able to eat for free most days...

    1. Kelley, your week was awesome!!! Great job! Love that you found so many ways to save $$ and made some extra too. Very impressive. :0)

  3. I love your Saturday!!! We all need days like that every now and then... and chocolate cupcakes too!!! I thought of you yesterday when I was looking through a pattern book at Hobby Lobby. They have lingerie patterns in the Simplicity book, right down to the underwear! Patterns are on sale this week for .99 cents. I didn't buy the underwear pattern, but looked at it for a minute or so!

    1. Yes indeed we do!! ;) That is awesome about the patterns and a great price too. Have a fabulous day!

  4. PJ days are the best! My daughter was home from college for Memorial day weekend and we ended up having a PJ day all day on Sunday. So comfy and relaxing.

    I can't believe how well you fixed the hole in your sweater, I need to learn how to do that because our dog is always snagging our clothes!


    1. I think PJ days are very important! Makes for great bonding time.

      Our kitties are always getting out clothes, little stinkers.

  5. You did really well. YOur repair on that sweater is flawless. I wish I could do that. You can usually tell my fixes unfortunately.

    1. That one is one of my better ones, but I've had some real doozies myself.


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