Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How I Spent My Thanksgiving

I had not taken any time off from work since our trip to the Oregon Coast in June so I was ready for a nice long four day weekend.  I told myself that there would be no horrendous projects around the house this "vacation".  Only enjoyable tasks and time spent with my girls.  To begin with I hand nowhere I had to be and nothing I had to do so that was perfect!  Also, it was just us girls this year and we got stay home.  Our favorite place to be.

Polishing the silver

I left work at 3:30 Wednesday afternoon and parked my car in the driveway, collected my mail on the way in and was greeted by my darling girls busy cleaning up and mulching leaves into the neighbor's compost bins.  I had actually contemplated doing that when I got home so I could start my "vacation" Thursday morning, but I got to start it early!  Thank you ladies!

So while they finished up I went inside, hung up my coat and purse, emptied out my lunch box and made myself a martini.  Yep, you heard me right, I was ready to get started.  Then with martini in hand I headed into my sewing area (in my bedroom) and started going through a banker box of scraps I had collected and my stash of holiday fabrics.  I started a project I'd had in my head for a few weeks now but you have to wait to find out what that project is.  As I mentioned yesterday it is part of a new series I'll be debuting in 2018.  I spent the rest of Wednesday sipping martinis and sewing.  I was in heaven!

Homemade wheat rolls and an old fashioned pumpkin pie

Thursday morning I was up at my usual time (darn that internal alarm clock!) making a fresh pot of coffee and deciding what I wanted to do with my day.  I began with a little more sewing and then switched gears once the girls were up.  We baked a pumpkin pie and I polished my great grandmother's silverware.  Then I got out the lace tablecloth and set the table with the good china, glassware, silver and my handmade cloth napkins.  I had heirloom pieces on my table from four different grandmothers and great grandmothers.  I was feeling tremendously blessed, not only to have these items, but to have also known these wonderful women.

Veggies dolled up and ready for the oven

In my kitchen I placed my seven pound turkey breast into yet another great grandmother's dutch oven and proceeded to cook our Thanksgiving feast with her pots and pans.  My youngest peeled potatoes and made the mashed potatoes as well as the relish plate and the stuffing.  I made homemade rolls and put veggies into a baking dish to bake in the oven.  We started the actual cooking at noon and dinner was on the table just before 4:00 and it was wonderful!  We had everything we had planned on our menu, including birthday cake for the youngest.  The girls just loved this meal.  I spent the remainder of the evening cleaning up and sewing.

Going through my fabric stash and box of scraps

Friday morning I was back at the sewing.  When I was finished I had found myself sorting through so much stuff I was inspired to go through all of my sewing supplies.  And I mean everything!  And I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I sorted, purged and reorganized all of my stuff and then put it all away except for the big JC Penny bag I filled up with stuff I know longer want or need and a small bag of trash.  I also cleaned and dusted as I worked.  The bag of donations as well as a grocery bag I had already filled a couple weeks ago went into the trunk of my car and the trash went into the bin.  Aside from a pile of Christmas gifts on my sewing table my whole area fills much lighter and nicer.

Jell-O Poke Cake for my daughter's birthday

Saturday morning the girls wanted me to take them to the Grocery Outlet (they had jerky for $1.99 a package, go figure) so we made that trip and then went next door to the Mexican restaurant for lunch.  We needed something other than turkey at this point.  Then home again where I pulled out the unfinished scrap quilt I'd started quite some time ago and I got busy putting it together.  It is now ready for the batting and backing and then some quilting action.  I was still full from our lunch so my supper consisted of tea and piece of pumpkin pie.

Great grandma's silver next to my grandma's china
So pretty

Sunday morning found me relaxing with a cup of coffee watching Youtube videos after I slept in until 7:30!  Yeah, that's right - 7:30!  I had a really good night's sleep which helped immensely.  Then a breakfast of blue smoothies and scrambled eggs with my oldest and then the youngest and I took off for a nice long walk.  Felt good to get outdoors, breathe fresh air and stretch the legs.  When we got home I started meal prepping for the week ahead and put the turkey bones into the slow cooker to make a big pot of broth for the freezer.

I cut up a bunch of my scraps to make jelly jar lid covers
I have all I'll need for next year, for sure

I vacuumed and did two loads of laundry, then poured myself a nice glass of Merlot and grabbed the laptop to write until it was time to put dinner into the oven.  Dinner, dishes, put the sheets back on the beds, a long hot shower and I was ready to rest my head and go back to work in the morning.

This is what I am most thankful for - my beautiful girls

With much to be thankful for and feeling blessed beyond measure I can declare this was truly a wonderful little "vacation".  How was your holiday?  Any Black Friday shoppers out there?


  1. What a nice Thanksgiving! Good food, shared times, solitary time pursuing projects--it sounds restful and invigorating at the same time.

    I love your table settings and your great-grandmother's silver. But nothing can match the beauty of your daughters!

    1. Thank you Sue. My children are my most precious possessions.

  2. Time with the family is the best! We made a similar dinner (just the four of us) & had a mostly relaxing day. I work in a semi-retail business, so had to work multiple times over the long weekend to respond to issues. Yuck.

  3. Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving to me. And your daughters are great that they surprised you with cleaning up and mulching the leaves before you got home!


  4. I can't wait to see your finished sewing projects. My sewing lately hasn't felt relaxing and I know it's because I am having to rush to get projects done. That rushed feeling takes away from the joy- maybe your martini idea would help! :)

    1. It sure didn't hurt! Rushed sewing is not fun sewing, I agree.

  5. Happy Belated Thanksgiving and birthday to both your girls! They are such beauties! Your table looks so pretty with your heirloom dishes and I love all the memories connected to them. It sounds like you had a wonderful 4 day holiday!


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