Monday, November 27, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

It turned out to be a quiet week for us leading up to and including the Thanksgiving holiday.  The girls were off school and I had a four day weekend with not much planned, which made for a very nice break for all of us.

I had received another one of those $10 off a $10 Purchase coupons for JC Penney in the mail so the oldest and I dashed in and I picked up a new pair of pajama pants to replace a pair I have that are worn out.  The plain black top is still in good shape so I just matched up a new pair of bottoms.  They were on sale for $12 so after my coupon I spent a whopping $2!

I did a little grocery shopping at Dollar Tree.  I had taken my youngest there so she could do some shopping and found quite a few good grocery items to add to our pantry.

I also did some loss leader shopping at Albertson's.  12 cans of corn and beans for 33¢ each is hard to beat and we are now very well stock for canned veggies.  I mostly use them when I make soup so I am very happy to be well stocked.

Along with the Thanksgiving holiday it was birthday central around our house.  My oldest was on Monday and the youngest on Thursday.  Every so often hers lands on Thanksgiving and this year was the year.  I made homemade birthday desserts of their choosing - Grasshopper Pie and Jell-O Poke Cake.  My oldest and I made a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

We did not join the crowds for any shopping, including Black Friday.  I'm just not a big fan of that and prefer to stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet instead.  However, holding out for an online sale proved to be the right choice as I was able to pick up my final gift and save $20 off the price.  Whoo hooo!

We washed and reused several Ziploc bags and shower hats.

We fed the chickens lots of good kitchen scraps.  We also composted coffee grounds, tea bags, onion skins, the hard core out of a head of lettuce, pepper seeds, banana peels and egg shells.

The girls raked up and mulched a bunch more leaves filling up our old blue trash can again.  We also added more of the mulched leaves to the chicken's pen area.

I trimmed my oldest daughter's bangs.

Sneak peek

I started a new sewing project for a new series I plan to start on the blog next year and I am super excited to share that with all of you.  Something fun to look forward to in 2018!  It is going to be great!

How was your thrifty week?


  1. I am already loving your new project! :) It looks quilty. This hasn't been a frugal month for me and it has kind of been a downer for me but I am thankful I had the resources to cover what we needed. A minor car incident happened (animal in the road) and I have had to get my car repaired. Nothing I can do about that but move on and be grateful nothing worse happened. I finished sewing youngest daughter's quilt, now I have started another. I was gifted a lot of fabric by a former coworker. I sorted that while everyone was out shopping this weekend. I too like the peace and quiet.

    1. Oh Candace, so sorry to hear about the accident, but glad you are okay. You and I must have been on the same wavelength. I sorted fabric too! So happy for you to get that fabric. And great work getting that quilt done!

  2. Too funny I have a thanksgiving baby also. Every 4 years the holiday lands on her birthday. We always put candles on a pumpkin pie!

    1. I asked her if it felt like her birthday or more like Thanksgiving. She said Thanksgiving, but with presents! :0)

  3. Happy Birthday/Thanksgiving/Relaxing weekend!

    1. Thank you Anne. I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well.


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