Friday, November 10, 2017

I Bought A New Toy

Pretty crazy that I follow up a decluttering post with "I bought something!" but what I got is a new tool to help us maintain our home more efficiently.  It is a Toro leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher and I am super excited about it!

Our usual routine
My daughter smashing the leaves down into the bin

For years I have waffled over whether or not to buy a leaf blower.  This year we are on week four of "managing" the leaves and it still looks like we haven't done a blasted thing.  And we haven't even started on our elderly neighbor's yard yet.  At this rate, setting out two curbside compost bins per week, we'll be at it until June!  Plus our backyard compost bin is heaped full.

I ordered the blower online from Home Depot and stopped on my way home from work Wednesday to pick it up.  Once the leaves are blown into a pile you suck them up and mulch them into the bag and then dump the bag into the bin.  It reduces the mass by 88%.  Once the leaves are mulched they'll breakdown and compost much easier, plus I'll be able to spread them out and use them to mulch the flower beds right away.  And I put some in the chicken's pen area so they can scratch around in them and it will help control the mud and manure much better.

Last night I blew all the leaves up against the fence
Then I converted to the vacuum and sucked them up mulching them into the bag

We'll most likely suck the leaves out of our backyard compost bin and mulch them, then put them back so they'll break down faster.  I also plan to fill up our old trash can with some mulch to have on hand and use as we need.

Finished product - I was amazed

I expect this new tool has already paid for itself in saving me time and labor as well as helping me with the dilemma of what to do with all of these leaves each year.  Plus I can use it to blow snow off of the vehicles and walk ways this winter.  That powdery stuff shouldn't be a problem.  The wetter stuff we'll still need to shovel.  I'll let you know.  

So a multi tasking tool!  Yay!  So far I give this one a BIG thumbs up!


  1. How ingenious! I had no idea that a leaf blower existed that could suck up and mulch leaves at the same time. Technology, man...

  2. That's a pretty fantastic tool. Good choice!

    - Molly

  3. That is an awesome machine! I didn't know they made such a thing! Good for you and definitely worth the investment!

  4. This is awesome! I just bought the exact same leaf vacuum! I haven't gotten to use mine yet because it snowed last weekend and now it's raining :o( I'm so glad to hear that you are happy with yours!


    1. It has been raining now since I bought it. So now I wait....

  5. My hubby would love that. Funny story, our neighbor found a leaf blower that had fallen out of someone's truck just laying on the side of the road. He brought it home and told my hubby he could use it any time he wants. :)

    1. Oh my gosh. Lucky for your neighbor; not so much for the poor guy that lost it however. :/

  6. When you say it mulches the leaves, do you mean it somehow cuts them up?

    1. Their is a metal blade that propels and cuts them up into little pieces. Cuts down the mass by 88% of its original size and I believe it! :)


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