Monday, December 15, 2014

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

On Sunday I made four more Christmas cards and put the finishing touches on our annual Christmas letter.  Then I printed out the copies I needed to tuck into the cards and got them all ready for the mail.

I went into Albertsons and picked up more eggs and non stick spray on sale.  I also bought a package of bagels from the bakery markdown bin and picked up some cornmeal and margarine for baking.

I helped my daughter make a birthday gift for her friend.

Fred Meyer sent me two "Best Customer" coupon booklets in the mail.  Two!  I was thrilled and clipped almost all of the coupons out of them knowing I will be using them on future shopping trips.  I love how they make these up based on what I buy on a regular basis.

I had chicken noodle soup on the menu plan this week.  It was an excellent opportunity for me to clear out several small containers of this and that out of the freezer and finish off the remnants of three bags of frozen veggies.  It was a delicious soup.

Favorite place to take a nap these days.
It was definitely a week of using up every last bit of stuff.  I added water to the empty dish soap bottle and got enough to wash three sinks full of dishes.  I washed up the breakfast dishes one morning by rinsing off the soap that had collected on the cap.  I helped the girls flatten out and get the last of the toothpaste out of a tube.  I also stuck the soap sliver in the shower to a new bar so it didn’t end up going down the drain and going to waste.  I added water to the hand soap dispenser at the kitchen sink to get the last of the soap out of the bottom of it.  My oldest used a rubber spatula and scraped the empty peanut butter jar for enough to make a sandwich for her lunch and I did the same thing with the Nutella jar.  I smeared it on Ritz crackers for a quick dessert after dinner one night.

I picked out two hardback murder mystery novels from the freebie pile at work to give to our next door neighbor for Christmas.  She loves to read and we try to give her a couple books every year.

I worked four hours of overtime this week.

We watched Hallmark Christmas movies on Youtube for free using our Roku.

It's hard to be thrifty this time of year.  How did it go last week?


  1. Apparently I WAY overbought for my gingerbread house party, but I have lots of room now, so I'm going to save all the leftovers for next year and be thrifty that way. :-) I did use old sheets to cover our enormous crafting table, which washes up just fine, and I have worries if it gets stained irreparably!
    - molly

    1. That's great news! You already have a head start on Christmas 2015. You've got me beat. :) Smart thinking with the sheets.


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