Monday, May 15, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Man can I grow weeds!

Leftover roast and a bunch of leftover vegetables became beef barley soup along with homemade whole wheat biscuits for our Sunday meal.  I got up early and assembled everything in the slow cooker and let it go on low until it was time to eat.  Perfect meal on a damp and windy day.

Monday, after picking up my youngest at school, I stopped into the dollar store to pick up a few things I wanted for the motorhome.  I am super excited to share with you what has caused me to make three trips to Dollar Tree in the past week.  Watch for those posts in the coming weeks.

Did I mention the chicken curtains hanging up in Laverne
The girls thought that was the reason I bought her - ha, ha!

We were down to our last sheet of copy paper so I used my $10 voucher coupon from ShopKo to pick up a new ream as well as a replacement red T-shirt to replace the one that was worn and faded and is now relegated to my painting and change the oil on the truck T-shirt.

I used a text coupon to treat the girls to dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants for less than $20.

I picked a huge pile of dandelion greens out of our yard for the chickens.  They really loved that treat.

Saturday I ran errands.  First stop was Walmart to return a couple things I didn't need and pick up a few I did.  Then the mall to pick up a couple items at JC Penney and use my $10 OFF a $10 purchase.  Because both items I selected were $5 each I didn't pay a penny out of pocket.  Yaay!

We stopped at the Franz bakery to load up on bagels and whole wheat bread.  I spent $8.  Lastly, a quick stop into Fred Meyer to get a key made and pick up a gallon of milk for the girls.  I also picked up bananas, apples, potatoes and a couple packages of stir fry veggies.  The stir fry veggies were on markdown.

I used the dregs of the metallic spray paint to give the ash tray in the motorhome a little face lift.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. last week was difficult as my Mom passed away on the 7th...she was 93 and beyond ready, but I'm sure I never will be...I bought clothes as I hadn't anything decent to wear, took most of them back today...stocked up the house with groceries cupboards were basically I have healthy food and no excuse not to cook it and pack my lunch for work...I did use some coupons for sale items at CVS today and signed up for Ibotta...those chicken curtains cracked me up!

    1. Oh Kelley, so sorry to hear about your Mom. No matter how prepared you think you are, when it actually happens it still hurts so much. Bless your aching heart. I'm glad the curtains cracked you up. When I really saw them I busted up laughing.

  2. Your dandelions are truly impressive. The chickens are lucky. And I like your chicken curtains. They would look great in the chicken coop.



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