Monday, May 1, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

It's May!  Holy cow!!

Sunday was a big Laverne project day and I was in heaven!  I can hardly wait to finish it up so I can share it with you.  Look for those posts starting next Thursday. 😆

I used a Home Depot gift card to pick up some supplies I needed which included a smoke detector, very important feature, to replace the one that was missing.  I got it installed and because the fire extinguisher is also missing I took an extra one I had in the garage and set that it in the motorhome as well.  I even wiped all the dust off of it.

I also did some cleaning and vacuuming along with a lot of exploring of all the many storage spaces inside.  I'm still amazed with all of the storage in there.

Tuesday evening we enjoyed my youngest daughter's spring orchestra concert.  It was really lovely.

Wednesday was my daughter's track meet so we didn't get home until after 7:00.  So dinner, homework, bedtime, just like that.

Thursday was a catch up day for me.  After dropping my daughter off at the university for a three hour robotics meeting I swung through the library and dropped off a book I finished.  Then headed home to get the laundry done, dinner cooked and still managed to fit in a small motorhome project before I had to pick up the girl.  Then to bed early.

I saved another lid off of a jar of grated romano cheese and put it on an old jelly jar I had in the cupboard.  I added it to the retirement house stash of kitchen items.

We continued to prepare delicious meals all week using items we already had on hand.  I may have been a wee bit overstocked on food.  But I'm sure we'll manage to get it down to a more manageable level in rather short order.

Our breakfasts got even thriftier than my 18¢ egg muffins.  I pulled out a package of English muffins I got for free at Winco a few months back which dropped the price to 10¢ each, the cost of the cheese I bought on sale.  How about that?!

We made pretty wise use of our food so the chickens didn't get a lot of kitchen scraps last week, but they did get some.  They still kept us well supplied with eggs.  I sold two dozen eggs to a friend and we put that money aside for their next bag of feed.

Once again I did not do any of my usual grocery shopping last week.  That's two weeks in a row!  However, I put the girls in charge of food for the weekend and gave them what was left in the dining and entertainment budget to do with as they saw fit since my Dominos ordering was a bust the week before.  They went to Fred Meyer and picked up frozen chicken nuggets, corn dogs, fish sticks, frozen pizza, tater tots, fries and ice cream sandwiches.  They justified it with the fact that it was much less expensive then fast food and would last the weekend (probably longer I would think) without needing to go anywhere and interrupt my workflow.  I can't argue with that logic.

Here's a teaser pic!

Friday, thankfully with no other commitments, I was able to head home after work and spend the evening working on my motorhome.  Saturday was a HUGE Laverne project day.  I spent the entire day on her and enjoyed every minute of it.  Have I mentioned I can't wait to show you all what I've been up to?

The girls took care of the household stuff and even cleaned the gutters!  I worked myself into complete exhaustion before eating a meal of homemade mac & cheese, grilled chicken sausages (from our freezer) and a wonderful green salad with homemade Ranch dressing.  Wait a minute!  What happen to all that frozen junk food?

How was your thrifty week?


  1. You guys are awesome! You work so well together....can't wait to see more of Laverne!

    1. I am having way too much fun with her and we haven't even left the driveway!

  2. Sometimes you will actually not eat the junk food and crave good things. Amazing!

    1. Isn't that something? After two meals they were totally over it.

  3. I can't wait to see Laverne when she is finished and I think the girls did great with their shopping!

    1. I'm getting excited to show her off and thank you. It's funny they bought all of that stuff but have hardly touched it. I think it sounded better than it actually tasted. Except for the corn dogs, those are always good - ha, ha.


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